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  1. Download MaxCut https://maxcut.software.informer.com/2.8/ Study the tutorial Now you can do your own layout at home, but as Dave303e also points out, have it cut, it only costs about R40-60 per sheet
  2. Plaas jy naaste PostNet en tel nommer sodat ons 'n kospakkie ook kan stuur. Groete
  3. I have a Rottie which was raised by Labrador. People are amazed by his nature, which is very similar to the lab, but his "protective of the family side" kicks in when needed. He learnt from the lab how to beg for attention, which i don't see in other Rotties, but it's not a terrible thing either. Rotties are top dogs
  4. Lord Stuka Banana Smoothy of Nando's
  5. They are lovely and quite desireable, however, a blunt pencil or incorrect use of a marking knife renders it useless.
  6. Ed-Zulu

    Who remembers?

    The original SAB was Castle Brewery with Charles glass the founder brewer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_African_Breweries https://www.southafricanmi.com/blog-30sep2016.html#:~:text=Background and history of SABMiller,Glass%2C founder of Castle Brewery.
  7. Try these guys, Knob and Knocker in Pinetown https://www.cachet.co.za/download-catalogue/2018_Ironmongery_And_Hardware_Catalogue.pdf and these guys, I see they have what you need... https://www.handlesinc.co.za/
  8. That's so true. PantsBoy made me a mallet out of doringhout with a beach handle and I just couldn't use it, it was really a nice mallet. Then my youngest gets hold of it and smacks something with it, ice was broken and now I regularly use it in my shop.
  9. I recently completed the Paul Sellers workbench using plywood only, I was going to post a few pictures, but goeie genugtig man, it will look very crappy against your sculpture. An absulutely stunning piece of carpentry skill Carrera, I'm sure you are super proud of it.
  10. I concur, the variable speed function is a must have as Carrera notes above. I have a biscuit cutter bit I use from time to time on my router and 22k rpm is wild with that attached, so variability in speed is required.
  11. Ed-Zulu


    The crew was definately rattled, but his driver's calm composure kept him calm. He was semi frozen between commands. He is definately not as well trained as the leader and when the vehicle stopped you could see his indicision and reluctance to exit the vehicle. That seat could've become his death spot, fighting outside the vehicle would give him a better chance of survival once the doors popped. In the end it worked out well for him.
  12. That remains a very popular route can get crowded
  13. I love your projects, you are busy man indeed and some quality stuff for a DIY'er working at a hospital on a far flung island!
  14. Shaun the Sheep is actually wasted on children if you ask me
  15. The hull is formed, then the deck is welded to it with bulkheads in place and the transom is added. You will then end up with, wait for it, hull, deck and bulkheads! Still want to argue?
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