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  1. That looks like a kief spot for a camp. I also use to poses a magical tent like yours, pitch it and it rains...
  2. Credit and uncleared EFT collections allowed only to persons over 80 years of age accompanied by both biological parents.
  3. Ed-Zulu


    The older I got the more I appreciated his style of comedy, I spent just about every night cathcing up on Norm stuff on youtube. RIP Norm
  4. Luminous kit is definately off the table! But we're talking T's here in cool shades of yellow and orange
  5. I'm always keen on a mid level quality T-shirt in black and all other colours including orange and yellow....why are orange and yellow so neglected?
  6. Drop me a DM I'm interested in some of it, perhpas all of it
  7. I use a 6l compressor with an Aircraft brand spray gun. (Builders and Leroy Merlin stock a small range on these) It's perfectly suitable for even an air nailer. It cost me R1800 inclusive of a 10m airhose and fittings. Apart from that I use it clean the tools and workshop too, so a very handy setup to have.
  8. I know New Zealand has a similar hiking route which is world famous. I would've been one of your first customers as this type of route lends itself to hiking, biking and trial running. The opportunities for businesses and international tourists is limitless!
  9. I understood it incorrectly, didn't see your long term planning...but it would've been great if it could be done.
  10. Much easier to apologise than to get permission if you know my drift...
  11. OK, that could be it...
  12. I remain intriqued by your picture with the Cape Parrot like bird on the stick...if you live in JHB it must be an escapee or a an escaped Conure, but the green cheecked conure has white around the eyes... Do you perhpas know or do you just feed them?
  13. Download MaxCut https://maxcut.software.informer.com/2.8/ Study the tutorial Now you can do your own layout at home, but as Dave303e also points out, have it cut, it only costs about R40-60 per sheet
  14. Plaas jy naaste PostNet en tel nommer sodat ons 'n kospakkie ook kan stuur. Groete
  15. I have a Rottie which was raised by Labrador. People are amazed by his nature, which is very similar to the lab, but his "protective of the family side" kicks in when needed. He learnt from the lab how to beg for attention, which i don't see in other Rotties, but it's not a terrible thing either. Rotties are top dogs
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