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Cradle MTB - Current Condition of the trail


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Hi all


Does anyone know if the same organisation is still tending to the Cradle MTB Trail?


I rode it yesterday and noticed a large amount of erosion, on some pretty dangerous parts I might add (narrow steep uphills and downhills). The erosion of soil has also exposed a lot of jagged rocks and knobbly stones.


The grass alongside the trail is also very long (up to handlebar length at times) which makes it very difficult to see obstacles (such as the erosion, jagged rocks, and washouts).


Whilst I enjoy a challenging trail, it does disrupt the flow quite a lot. Also, I consider myself an experienced rider, but at times, had to stop suddenly to avoid dropping into a crevasse. Maybe younger riders or not so experienced riders may not be so lucky.


Now I completely appreciate there has been a lot of rain, that people are still coming back from leave, and we are in Level 3 lockdown. But just wanted to check that the maintenance team will be back at some stage?


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Also attempted to ride it today. It is in really in a bad shape and dangerous. I hope they will fix it but, it is going to require alot of work and filling

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I chatted to a guy who tends to the maintenance of the trail late Dec


He has a team that goes around and is paid by the Cradle of Humankind/local government


Hope he comes back as he was cutting the long grass

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