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Try this with your secretary

The Guy in Pink

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Niewe Nickerie, Suriname, S.A.  Wednesday 1st Nov.

What a pleasure to live and work in a bicycle orientated society!


I sit down with my 43 year old college educated secretary and draw up a list of office supplies needed.

When she is unsure of the English descriptions I use, I explain in Afrikaans and she understands immediately.

We do an estimate of the cost , I give her the money and ask her to get the stuff. I do not sugguest how she gets into town to get it.


Next moment she hops on her bicycle parked outside the office with all the other bikes and in about 45 minutes she is back from the 8km round trip with the stuff.


As she gets in I tell her about the stuff I forgot to put on the list, and with a smile she is on her bike again back into town!

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I would go and pick up surplies every ?hour.

Let me see

8H = 16 trips/day, 16x8km/trip = 128km/day

where do we sign up
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Sign up at our offices in Soekramsingh Str. Nw Nickerie. The Pay is SRD850.00 per month. Knowledge Dutch preferable, but Afrikaans acceptable.

Big H

You will not believe it the the fundies are having trouble getting those Mozambiquean immigrants to breed. Thank Goodness for that as I am having trouble trying to build their habitats in the swamp as it keeps raining in the "Dry"season.


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