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  1. I guess it's because if vaccines prove effective, the need for the other treatments goes away. Many of the other treatments were rapidly shown not be effective and introduced unnecessary risk. The effectiveness of the vaccines in the UK is clearly now shown by the fact that now are far more under 65yo hospital admissions than over 65's. (Who are now mostly all vaccinated)
  2. The deaths are of people who had recieved the vaccine, no evidence suggests the died from the vaccine. The oldest in each country received the vaccine first, and it is rĂ ther unsurprising that out of 2.5 billion people some will old people die. The vaccine does not confir immortality on recipients.
  3. 2.5 +billion people have already been given a Covid jab, and this is the most closely monitored and reported pandemic in history - just look at the daily covid data from every country on worldometer. If there was any major problem with the vaccination it would have been apparent by now and we all would know about it.
  4. The low fat debacle was a failure of science, which is now being corrected. It happened because the medical profession lead by Ancel Keys replaced science with dogma. The dogma suited food industry, especially those liked to the Adventist Church such as Kelloggs and Santorium. The dogma that fat is the cause of heart disease is very slowly being overturned but will need the current crop of senior Medics to retire or die out to completely be discarded. A friend was in a diabetes ward in the UK two weeks ago and was only offered cereal, toast and baked beans for breakfast. When
  5. Ahem, we did not have facebook, Twitter, cell phones or computers in the 1950's young man. We communicated by letters, notes on paper or going and visiting the person you wanted to talk to. . . You know face to face in person contact.
  6. If you feel good why not? I did my normal cardio and upper body the next day.
  7. I was in primary school. The company Christmas tree was cancelled and Father Christmas rode around the village(Umbogintwini) in a fire engine handing out the presents to us in the streets at our houses. We got the jabs at school. No issues that I know of. We got follow up jabs (and later it was drops in the mouth) annually for several years at school.
  8. We had our jabs in a church hall in Mpheni rural Venda. About half were walk-ins. After an hour of chaos they set up a table with a computer and registered the walk-in and they were vaccinate immediately afterwards. They were due to close ar 4pm but reports from medical staff* was they closed at 7pm. * in my wife's spinning group
  9. Up here in this conservative town almost every white person I speak to says they will not get the jab. It must be some conspiracy theory going around the many churches. Darwin will sort that out by removing a few from the gene pool for stupidity.
  10. The previous waves appear to have been in the Townships ,(the large excess deaths numbers for those waves seem to confirm there were many non hospital deaths) From the large number of people that I know that are currently sick with Covid it appears that this wave has hit the suburbs hard.
  11. Sooty that was a typo with the second more than one. More than half have received one dose.
  12. Only 3.5 million people have registered to recieve the vaccine, and more than half have received more than one dose. S.A. Stats say there are 5.4million over 60's so maybe they need to open registration to the 50 to 60 group or they will run out of people to vaccinate very soon.
  13. The roll out of vaccinations has picked up quite sharply with 1.6 million doses being administred already . The ratio of almost 2 women to each man vaccinated is startling especially considering that men are dying of Covid at a higher rate than women (12:10)
  14. We lost a good friend two months back to a Black Mumba . He was dead within a few hours of being bitten.
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