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Pretoria Road Group Ride


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Hi Guys/Ladies

I was wondering about an idea for a Pretoria club ride on weekends for road cyclists?

I noticed at the club I used to ride for that there would be 100+ cyclists, however 5 would be there for the road group. I am sure this is the case for most/all the clubs in Pretoria? (Especially winter months)

As we all know this is getting increasingly dangerous as individuals/small groups get targeted by thieves.

Perhaps each club can take a turn to host all the roadies for the weekend or have designated starting points on weekends? This would ensure there are enough road cyclists in a group to hopefully deter attacks.

Food for thought.

 Safe riding.

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VanH,Velo,Bruces,Pcrc,Centurion,Jakaranda and Cyclelab all of them got group rides over the weekends in Pretoria.

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Yah join a club dude. Or more than one. Plenty options as it is in Pretoria over a weekend and the club ride are normally lekke big.

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6 minutes ago, Rinox said:

@NISI @Zeffer How many people cycle in the road groups in these clubs on a weekend?

From experience

Centurion 20-30

Velo 40-60

LCC sometimes 2-3 groups of 30

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