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  1. In my spare time I build up old steel bangers that I pick up at a fair price and restore some new life into them. I mostly focus on SA built bikes like Raleigh, Le Jeune, Hansom etc. (because they're cheaper) but won't shy away from an Italian beauty if it comes my way at a good price. In most instances I try and keep the bike as original as possible but that's not always possible due to the scarcity of parts in SA. Sometimes I might even sell one or two, but that happens rarely as I tend to form emotional bonds with them very quickly I'll use this thread to document and share some of the bikes which I've done and which I'm currently busy with. I try and focus on one bike at a time and generally won't start another project until I've finished the current one. If you're interested you can also follow me on Instagram as @betarider
  2. Any of you had success with converting an older model road bike to a gravel bike?
  3. Hi everyone, not sure if this is the best place to post this but I came across someone trying to sell a bike today that I think was stolen. It is a very unique bike and seemed to be well-loved, hence my thoughts on why it is odd that the owner was trying to sell it. The bike is a red Cannondale R300, that has been converted to a one-by with a Shimano XT (I think M8000 Derailleur and cassette) drivetrain, and a cSixx front chainring that was inverted. It also had flat Easton bars on it. Very similar to the picture below, with a slimmer seat, black foam grips and the one-by drivetrain. Let me know if this is actually is a stolen bike.
  4. Looking for outsole lugs for a Specialized MTB shoe 2016 model as per pic attached. Size EUR 43. Freewheel cycology don't have my size because they apparently not making them anymore. Olympic cycles I suspect called them and simply cannot assist. It looks like I have to call on the hubbers for #assistance.
  5. Having recently acquired a new roadie which sports some tubeless wheels (american classic), and being used to 23c tubed gatorskins for most of my cycling career, I've got no idea where to start looking for new tires. currently running schwalbe pro 1, but being second hand they are starting to look a bit worse for wear. by the look of things frame should be able to take a set of 25c's. what are you running and what would you recommend (that is as bulletproof as gatorskins)
  6. I have a choice of the following wheelsets Mavic aksium elite evo ust Shimano rs500-tl Fulcrum Racing 600What wheelset will you pick, or any other wheelset in the same price. https://bike.shimano.com/en-EU/product/component/ultegra-r8000/WH-RS500-TL-R.html https://www.fulcrumwheels.com/en/wheels/road-bike-wheels/racing-6 https://shop.mavic.com/en-be/aksium-elite-ust-rr1147.html
  7. Hi I am building a Fuji gran fondo 2,5 I have bought a frame from a fellow hubber but the thru axels where not with the frame and I can’t seem to figure out what I need to buy ? All the info I can find says 12x 142 however nothing about thread pitch, and if the front and rear are the same size (I assume not ) Any advice would be hugely appreciated.
  8. Hey guys, I'm not a pro biker of any sort, I'm simply wanting a solid enough bike for riding cross country / mountain and road trips, that is not super costly. Good brakes and shocks would be awesome. I dont know much about bikes so would greatly appreciate your advice I do know that I need an XL as I'm 6ft2 and dont want to be slouched over when cycling (I have posture issues Im working on as is due to sitting all day). Bridge Cycles has a Scott Aspect 940 or 950 2020 for 11k, a bit high but I had a Scott Aspect before I moved to UK for a year. These look interesting to me. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/439623/scott-genius-30-xl-carbon https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bikes/439446/titan-29er-xl Thanks so much
  9. Yes, I just made up a word. Gravelable (adj) - Suitable for pleasant traverse on either a gravel or standard road machine, equipped with rubber exceeding 28 metric millimeters. I was planning a ride from Glentana (George) to Natures Valley. While scouring maps for a possible route that does not involve perishing on the N2, I saw something called the "Seven Passes Road". It looks pretty spectacular, consisting of tar and untarred sections. My question is, does anyone know if these roads are MTB type gravel, or gravel type gravel? I would love to slap on my 28's and have a crack at it. I am just not keen on heave corrugations which will undo the dental work I had done as a child. Any local knowledge would be much appreciated! The route I am talking about can be viewed here: https://goo.gl/maps/9akgRySrfqH2
  10. Hi all, I need a little bit of help here. I am new to cycling and have gone out for a total of 2 rides since I got my bike last week. Now on these rides (both about 20km) I can't pedal consistently for more than a few minutes before I need to free wheel to 'catch my breath'. The pain in my quads burns like **** which forces me to stop pedaling. From a cardio perspective, I am unfit, however when I look at my HR data from Garmin my AVG is about 100bpm, so clearly I could continue, but its just that burn that stops me. I have been for a bike fit so I am confident that it is all setup fine. Is it just a case of me needing to ride more and more to 'get through it' and it will become less, or is there potentially a problem here? It's just the HR data throwing me off, which is why I thought to get a few opinions here. TIA
  11. Warren_G


    Sockgame strong here! http://41.media.tumblr.com/75c4ba5b46690c5e62c257816abf3c25/tumblr_ntb6i4CdL61qixkqto1_500.jpg
  12. Hey All So I don't know about you guys, but I'm one to stick to what I know when it comes to replacing tyres on my road bike. Kinda the type to play it safe when it comes to components that I choose for my bike, and generally persuaded by reputable bike brand names. So when I look to replace my tyres, I typically go for what i had previously used, unless of coarse they sucked and I got too many flats or they wore too quickly etc. I've had bad experience with Gatorskins, so haven't looked at Continental in some time. So my question is (and this is directed to Conti fans with Michelin/Schwalbe/Vittoria experience): Are the GP4000II or GP5000's as good or better than say Schwalbe One or Michelin Pro 4 Endurance/Vittoria equivalent? Considerations would be typical: MileagePuncture ResistanceRolling ResistancePriceI'm interested to see your opinions/experience and how the big 3 brands fair against one another in SA, specifically Road Tyres 23/25 C. No experience with Mountain Bike tyre's so don't go there. Cheers Nick
  13. So, I have been doing a fair bit of research here on TBH, and see alot of devided opinions on the matter. One half are thinking its a consipiracy theory for bike manufacturers to keep taking our money. The other half sees it as a practical solution to alot of things, ie. Replace your road bike with a gravel bike, its more comfy, you can easily go off the road on dangerous sections of traffic or climb curbs, you can do road races with them, all be it not UCI races, but who is checking. In fact, I saw someone do a sub 3 hour in the CTCT with a gravel bike.... I for one believe this is the bike that is in fact not the N+1 bike, but the bike that can give a person, the best of three worlds. Whats your take on the matter, try and stay positie if at all possible lol
  14. Hi guys, Would like some advice if once can spare any for me. I am looking at getting a road bike to cycle around the neighborhood for some exercise and join some friends on their social rides. I am 6'3 so not exactly sure what size I should be looking for? (Basic research has pointed me to 60-61cm). I do not have a lot of money to spend at all and hoping to get away with something basic? I have ridden MTB before (sold the bike as I quite frankly didn't enjoy MTB trails AT ALL (perhaps because I didn't have any friends who did MTB and I was riding alone)) so I have some gear to get me going (proper shorts, jerseys etc) Any ideas? I have trailed the classifieds here but seems to be a rather uncommon size, or the bike is unfortunately too far away from me (I'm on the East Rand boet ) Appreciate any comments in advance.
  15. So, I like this cycling thing quite a bit. With the GP Road Race Champs just up the road from me yesterday I decided to make the effort to go attend. We pitched at 15h00, thinking we will see some serious excitement as this would be right towards the business end of the various races. Firstly, the attendance seemed very sad, just a couple of Gazebo's strewn along Soutpansbergweg for families supporting their husbands, fathers, mothers, sisters etc taking part. I have since just finally accepted that cycling is not a spectator sport, at least not for people physically attending events, even on a short course setup as we had yesterday. You see the cyclists for 10s every lap, with no idea what has transpired on the rest of the lap. I had no idea which riders were in the race and where they were placed. We left after standing around for about 30mins. Somebody needs to seriously consider something new to get non-cyclists excited about these events. Mount some Go-Pros on the Race Commissionaire cars and have someone narrating the action from the car as the race unfolds. Stream all of this to Youtube and people might actually know what is going on out there. This morning, I have not been able to find out what happened in terms of results. I found Reinardt JvR on Strava and see in his description that he finished 3rd. Other than that, nothing. And then on another tangent, can somebody please explain the whole structure of the Provincial champs and how they feed into nationals? Someone like Nicholas Dlamini and Darryl Impey who currently sits in Aus, do they get a free pass to nationals etc?
  16. I purchased a steel frame, on the cheap. I hate the paint work, think of stripping it and respraying it. Dont know where to start, I have asked around for quote on doing this and all of them have been more than the cost of the frame. Any suggestion on where I can go to get this done in Cape Town. Or is it something I could DIY, just a clear coat over the steel? Just worried about the thru axles and small part.
  17. Can anyone recommend a route to take around Cape Town (I'm from overseas but based in Somerset West for the summer) that would be suitable for a 60 minute FTP test? I've just ordered my first power meter, but can't think of anywhere near me that doesn't either have too much decent or intersections.
  18. Hi everyone I posted a while ago about getting back into road cycling and taking racing more seriously. It's time for me to start deciding what bike I'd like. I've been searching on the classifieds using this search query (frame 54, R15k budget, CPT), but not sure how exactly to compare based on age, components etc. I've been looking at the following: Swift Attack Era 3 BMC Roadracer SL01 Merida Scultra Evo 904 Which looks the best in terms of value? Have I missed anything? Thanks for the help
  19. Not sure if in right section but Saw this on auction. Size 56. But has a crack somewhere Cannondale Carbon Fibre Racing Bicycle, https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-road-bikes/strand/cannondale-carbon-fibre-racing-bicycle/1005761324820910003998609?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android
  20. First time Bike Builder: Got a 19 year old Cannondale R600 from: https://www.bikehub.co.za/user/113597-jacoo/
  21. Hello guys, I am looking at buying my first road bicycle. I have been riding Giant mountain bikes which I am happy with. I am looking at this Giant road bike: https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/bikes-defy-advanced My height is 175cm and inseam 82cm. Looking on the Giant site I see the small is for 165cm - 175cm The medium is 171cm to 181cm Should I go for the small or the medium frame. Thanks for recommendations!
  22. Omaga roadbike with Sora parts, Changing it to a Single Speed: - Pinarello in black and gold. - With a Gravel twist.
  23. Hi guys, I would love to know what your thoughts are on a 5km gravel section in a road race. You rate only for the pro's with support vehicles? Also, if you fall out of the bunch and get stuck behind a queue of Team Vehicles, it will get mega dusty. I do not have experience with this, but seriously considering adding it to one of the events. Will people bring different bikes for the specific Let a brother know.
  24. We are keen to hear what you guys think of Titanium frames and this option through the various disciplines in the SA cycling. We will soon offer Titanium frames and complete bikes from Skyde, a French manufacturer http://www.skydecomp.fr. Your input will help us determine our approach to this market. For your most valued input , we will choose one lucky poster for a prize/product of their choice valued at R500 from www.performancebikes.co.za Winner will be decided at our discretion on 1 March 2015. The prize is not cash redeemable. Below are pictures of a couple of Skyde bikes as well as an interesting chart on the different frame materials and their properties. Please feel free to also post pictures of your own Titanium bikes and the reason Titanium is your choice of frame material. Cheers from the Performance Bikes team!
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