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ARGON 18 E114 with Deepset Tubbies or Upgrade my bike


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Hi. I need some advice please. 

I currently have a road bike with tri-bars fitted. My bike and the set-up is EXTREMELY comfortable but she is not build for speed - GIANT DEF9.

I am considering getting either an ARGON 18 E114 with 46/66 Tubby Carbon wheels OR should I rather just upgrade my bicycle with some deep-set wheels? 

I am doing the full IM in April and budget is always a consideration- trying to decide if the cost of a ‘new’ bike vs upgrading mine is worth it.

Also, the question of Tubbies vs Clincher’s as the Argon comes with Tubbies so that option is taken away…


Thank you in advance!

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The decision will be really dependant on your goal for IMSA. 

If your aim is just to finish and budget is tight stay with your Giant, comfort over 180km is important. so perhaps consider upgrading the wheels to more race wheels.

The Argon 18 E114 is an oldish (2011) frame and I suspect quite heavy and probably with old components and the tubbies, so would not see it as an upgrade.

If IMSA is a once off, then upgrade your wheels.  If you are looking to continue in the sport afterwards, then if you go with upgraded wheels, could look to save and find a more modern frame and then groupset and build a tribike over time as your budget allows.

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You will get more benefit from taking on a coach for the next 3 months than you will get from buying the bells & whistles........for now. & it will cost less. Put the savings aside, save some more & do proper research on tri-bikes vs TT bike geometries etc. Take your time & the right bike will come along. Add +-R 1000 to your budget for a bike fit. I speak from the experience of making all the wrong decisions before making better ones. 

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