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  1. As you like to try all the apps out there, you heard of mywoosh https://mywhoosh.com/ ? Zwift alternative, UAE based, ride in the deserts, many routes and races on a Friday from what i can see. Currently free to use. https://my-whoosh.com/faq, read on some forums no longer works on android and only on IOS. Not tested it myself as not on IOS and no longer have a smart trainer. May be of interest to some, so posting it here as it seems to be well under the radar....
  2. Recent London Marathon at 62yo Tommy Hughes ran a 2:30 https://results.london-marathon.co.uk/2021/?pid=search&pidp=start. Whilst he is a running machine, you can google his resume, he has records for many distances https://www.runnersworld.com/runners-stories/a34062899/tommy-hughes-overcame-alcoholism-over-60-half-marathon-world-record/, there were still 10 sub 3hrs in a reduced field in this age bracket and you are not even close to your 60's and beyond....
  3. Age is just a number for me and yes you do slow down as you get older and need to train smarter. I am 56 and have just run a sub 3:15, am looking to beat that in the years to come!! @HaccEntries are open for CT2022 #justsaying ☺️ https://capetownmarathon.howler.co.za/events/sanlam-cape-town-marathon-2022-5195?fbclid=IwAR2R-S9qZrfaF0POu3OUBsxa4rL_tHNcbFd8PnX81raZXGnyQXi5HglqDyc
  4. Do it, it is an easy course, especially when training in Gauteng and running at sea level 😄
  5. I also raced and found the whole weekend cold!! Personally would have preferred a bit more sun on race day and the showers made sure everything stayed wet. Am not a fan of running with wet feet. Slight changes to the route from 2019 were good although the last 5kms along the beech front seemed to take forever, especially to the turnaround. Was great to see the crowds out considering the rain, it was very much appreciated. Still managed a PB of sub 3:15 which is what I trained and aimed for, so was a good race and good to be racing again!!
  6. Here a 52/36 https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/cranksets/505739/semi-compact-shimano-105-r5800-5236-tooth
  7. Your RD 7900 GS has a max cog of 28T. If you want to go bigger with a 11/30 or 11/32 you will need to change the RD https://www.chainreactionga.com/product/shimano-dura-ace-rear-derailleur-76691-1.htm Else as mentioned, change your crank to compact 50/34 or mid-compact 52/36
  8. What Dave says, remove 1.8mm from the freehub. I have done it for a number of wheels. There plenty of Youtube videos online showing you this. Any engineering machine shop will be able to do this.
  9. New Event!! Ironman 70.3 Mossel Bay - 6 November 2022 https://www.ironman.com/im703-mossel-bay?fbclid=IwAR2XNLjKKynHGTzzObvnNv9_eXaWL7FH4hvIov-12ZIajbatMl3spzYmu6A
  10. Please read and digest my earlier post. As highlighted, you do not need it to be mirrored. In fact it just complicates things to go wrong on the day. Just ensure you have heart rate on your watch broadcasting when doing a workout (i.e the race) and pair the watch heart rate monitor with your 130. If you mirror you only get what is shown on your watch. If you just use your 130 as a normal cycling computer and have the HRM from either a watch or strap paired to the 130, then you can have more data fields on the 130 for the cycling leg. Take 130 out of your T1 bag and switch on and take with you on the bike leg. Switch off in T2 and drop it in your run bag when you have finished the bike leg. Then there is no chance for idle hands to help themselves to a bike computer left on the bike
  11. I would recommend not leaving your Edge 130 on your bike in transition during the swim as these have a habit of being stolen. Better to leave it in your bike transition bag and switch it on when you change to bike kit in T1. Whilst getting your cycling kit on it will get gps. Then carry it with you to your bike. If you have set up extended display prior it should then work for your bike leg. I race with a Garmin 945 watch in triathlon mode and use a Edge 520 on the bike so the display is in front of me. I don't use extended display, as long as I have my 945 always broadcasting HR then the Edge 520 picks this HR up and all other cycling data is on the Edge 520 anyway. I will end up recording the bike leg on the 945 and the 520 and just delete the 520 workout after the race.
  12. Try cyclelab they have the Blackburn, when in stock https://www.cyclelab.com/product/blackburn-race-day-portable-trainer which is the same as the Feedback Omnium trainer you are talking about. Else speak to Omnico who are the distributors
  13. As SA is still on the UK red list, I had to defer until 2022 so will see you there. Hopefully wont have to do a quarantine hotel by then, Speedy recovery!
  14. I think you will find many have left. I only now look to buy or sell, hardly comment on threads or feel the need to. When am here, i occaisionally browse the threads and from what i can see there are only a handful who seem to keep the comments section going.
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