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  1. ^ This and whilst he is walking, improving general fitness and cutting intake and living a healthier lifestyle, he can also be saving to increase his budget for a better bike when he has lost weight.
  2. https://bikerumor.com/2021/07/16/the-surly-corner-bar-is-now-serving-mtb-dropbar-positions-without-changing-components/
  3. I got offered a slot but decided against it. Too much hassle, expense and covid unknowns. Cost to race worlds USD525 with only a USD75 refund if you have to pull out. SA is currently on USA red list for covid, so many regulations about jabs, pcr tests and having to quarantine 14 days on entry, let alone visa issues as local embassy currently not issuing. And all that before trying to manage to get flights there from here. That a long time away from work and unneeded expense (sitting in a hotel for 14 days) to do a 70.3 race, even if it is worlds. Covid infections still rising even though i have had it and a first jab and seeing on the news (sky/bbc) many overseas getting covid for the 2nd time, even though double jabbed. So declined to race worlds another day! Your mate may have got my slot in roll down or roll over from other age groups as I know quite a few who declined their slots. 2022 Worlds in NZ is pretty well full as most got deferred from 2020, so will see if can qualify for 2023 in Finland.
  4. Maincheese 14th. Nice to see!
  5. Am sure you have never complained about your LBS for shoddy work on your bike? Or that you are at the back end of a 3 week tour one of the hardest, where you are mentally and physically tired with emotions running high! You are just perfect in all respects and never loose your cool..... Whilst it is unacceptable and has been apologized for it is not even in the same league as throwing a punch or head butting whilst cycling at speed in a peleton.
  6. Currently been on GP5000 and Joes for the last 7 months, no issues.
  7. Henok Mulubrhan moving up to Qhubeka NextHash WorldTour team in 2022 https://www.cyclingnews.com/amp/news/henok-mulubrhan-moving-up-to-qhubeka-nexthash-worldtour-team-in-2022/
  8. If it is such an issue for parts and servicing and from prices I have seen advertised. I would suggest it be better to get a smart trainer and put a cheap road bike permanently on it. Price I think would be similar? What is your reason for wanting a Phantom 5 over a new smart trainer with warranty and availability of spares?
  9. Try the classifieds https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/c/tandem-bikes
  10. This guy has tested and ridden with all the versions, make sure you get the updated shifters with metal internal rather than plastic
  11. Lost Boys: The Fighting Spirit of Stefan de Bod at the Tour de France https://www.velonews.com/events/tour-de-france/lost-boys-the-fighting-spirit-of-stefan-de-bod-at-the-tour-de-france/
  12. Story is perhaps having a positive for DQS, rumour is that Soudal will switch from Lotto to DQS https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/soudal-set-to-switch-sponsorship-from-lotto-to-quickstep-for-2023/
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