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Lizzard flasks

The Ouzo

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Off topic chit chat but it can relate to cycling.


My brother in law loves his Yetti insulated mugs and when I was with him in December boating in the hot sun I was impressed with them.

Fast forward to the past weekend and we were away with him on the South Coast. At one of the touristy shops I came across Lizzard flasks and mugs. Googled them and they seemed to be pretty good. What I liked about the ones I found at this store was the dimensions and capacity, a 650ml flask that will fit into most cup holders and only marginally taller than a 750ml cycling bottle. 

Pricing at the store was only marginally more than buying online so I picked a colour I liked, my Brother in Law then also decided to buy one.

I've been impressed. Filled it up with water and some ice the morning we left the south coast. Finished the last of the water when we arrived in Harrismith 4 and half hours later, with ice still in the flask, added another 500ml of water in and it was still ice cold when we reached home 3 and half hours after that.

My want for the flask was that I always have a bottle of water with me on my desk, I find that on warmer days by 10am the water is room temperature already. 


I wouldnt use it on the bike, but to keep a post ride drink cold in the car it will work very well.


Anyone here got experience with Lizzard or other similar brands ?

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What works equally well is Hydro Flask. on Takealot....but just had a quick look and Lizzard is very well priced. I have a 1L Flask and bought it a year ago for R900. We leave at 6am for school, fill flask with ice, then around 2pm before hockey games, son uses it to mix his drinks. 90% ice still intact. Will Def consider some Lizzard in future. Generally found most double walled insulated flasks/mugs are equally good. My wife does sublimation and the skinny tumblers she uses (about R140) also keeps the stuff very cold. Fill at night with ice and rest water, next morning still some ice in it. 

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