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altitude gain - details wanted

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Hi all. I specify altitude gain in programs, but not everyone has altimeter-funtion hrm's or gadgets. In the spirit of info-sharing, how about publishing the total length and altitude gain of all the hills you know?

This will help everyone who wants to use altitude, plus, it will provide hours of fun for hubbers (not to mentionthe weight weenies!!, may they be blown off their bike by 30 km/h x-winds) to compare times up hills and their climbing rates for comaprison with the Div 1's, and even generate a curve showing how power:weight declines with increasing weight.

Anyone got Daniel's time up Graskop?? Although i Think a junior has the record-?


Dan HEil has done some modelling along these lines already, so we could compare with that too.


I'll ask admin how/where to put this on this site as a reference doc.


This'll help the locationally-disadvantaged (thats you, gauties..) train more specifically for that li'l ol' ride by the mountain, aka funride world champs. 


I'll post my downhill times!!


thanks in advance


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