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Now for once I wish they will stop threatening and


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The PPA league rules state very clearly that ?If a course is not closed to traffic, all competitors must keep to the left of the centre line at all times.?

In addition, the normal PPA funride rules, which form part of the league rules, state: ?Cyclists must obey ALL traffic rules, traffic officers, marshals, officials and route signs otherwise they will be disqualified.   Cyclists must STOP if so instructed. Cyclists to keep to the left of the road/path to allow a free flow of traffic and are not to cross the centre line on the road at any time.  The centre white line of the road is to be considered a solid white line in terms of the normal rules of the road for your own safety.?

PPA has, in light of the increasing number of transgressions of the above rule, decided to impement the following procedures in all upcoming cycling league races:



 1. Guilty riders will be identified by the commissaires; 

 The rider will then ASAP be informed of his/her disqualification by means of:
2.1            Showing a notepad reflecting his number and the abbreviation ?DQ?;
2.2            Being pointed out by way of outstretched arm;
2.3            Being spoken to.



The DQ?d rider must then immediately stop racing with his/her start bunch, but may remain on the route and complete the funride with any of the fun ride bunches or on his/her own steam, although the rider will no longer receive an official time nor position for the event.  No joining/mixing may take place with any of the league groups. 

3. In addition to being disqualified, the rider or team will also be fined R500-00. 

4. If the rider refuses to cooperate within 1 km after being informed, disqualification will be effected for the remainder of the league.  All fines to be paid before next league ride in order to participate in further league rides.



Notification of all points under 2 can be done via commissaires from cars or motorbikes, with PPA putting extra motorbike and cycling marshals on the routes to help with safety on the day. 



PPA appeals to all riders to obey the rules and assist in making cycle racing safe for all.


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And after all the pow wow about the Tour de Winelands - the results stand. No action was taken.

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