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  1. Did it last year, it is fantastic! Far and away the best race I've done, also, the tech riding is proper tech, up and down. Don'te expect it to compare to anything you've ridden here.
  2. I was afraid of that, so now we need to find someone to pay the entry fee and we're golden
  3. Yes, that was a proposal
  4. So, Dane, what you up to round then? Reckon we could get a sponsor for this?
  5. Been tested a couple of times, just the usual pee in a cup thing, was so proud the first time I got called up for a drug test, meant I was finally fast enough for someone to think I was doping, turns out it was just random, still going to hold onto that though.
  6. Anyone that said anything was branded a "hater" (him and wonderboy) , I know, I said, was told I was just jealous, not so much.
  7. The trail brakes are awesome, don't see any reason to run the race brakes?
  8. That was a nice fun course, less climbing in the end (185m per lap) which was fine by me.
  9. Rode it last year, used a 32 X 17 on a 29'er with no issues, another used a 36 X 16 on a 26'er without any issues, course was very flat last year, spun out alot even with that gear but a heavier gear would have damaged you on the opening 2 little climbs. We were also racing, so if you want to chill a bit more 32 X 18 on a 29'er is fine and 32 X 15 on a 26'er should also be spot on.
  10. TitusTi

    Attakwas 2012

    Hmm, may have to build the SS up for this. Sweet, thanks for the heads up then.
  11. TitusTi

    Attakwas 2012

    Hard, yes, blah, blah, blah, is it fun though? Is the course awesome?
  12. Yay, love this race, see you there
  13. They're made by the same company so I would say there's not much to choose between the 2, which colour do you prefer.
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