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  1. I find your lack of sarcasm quite disturbing
  2. I think Matt is demonstrably the first member but I was tempted to ask them if they knew who I was. I have pink jerseys, I have all bike options, I still ride and still drink beer (and sometimes some old grapes).
  3. Do you now understand the mental toll your shop's service has placed on me. I DEMAND RESTITUTION! (An exclamation for emphasis in case the shouty caps weren't doing the trick).
  4. I have in fact cc'd Jeff Bezos in on a mail after I reported them to GCP.
  5. No, but I do park in the moms and tots bays because what are they going to do about it? Absolutely Nothing.
  6. I have been forced to raise awareness of the shocking service from Stoke Suspension. I once went in on a Friday afternoon at 16:30 and had to bleed my own brakes while Drew² gave me free beer, and then they had the audacity to not charge me while we complained about the sorry state of the world. The gaul of some people! I left to find my wife at home horrified that something this simple had taken 6 beers and 2 hours. @droo
  7. The progression happens so quickly there you should be cleaning A-Line by day 2, it is amazingly well designed for that.
  8. Have started the planning for my next Whistler trip, listen to what is being said. A-Line is big, find a video of the Moonbootr on A-Line, it may provide perspective. GLC drops at the end is about 5-6 foot, all of it is rideable but not blind if you only ride here. Freight Train is a big jump line, cool to go watch the pros hitting it, Crab Apple is a step up from that. But yes, these descents are longer amd bigger than anything we are used to here, 10-12 runs in a day and you are wrecked. When is your trip? See if you can get a run down Top Of The World. If the trail is marked double black or red, stay off of it, made that mistake once.
  9. And for clarity, not trying to put you off, trying to make sure that you know what to expect to enjoy the ever living hell out of what I can only describe as adult Disneyland. I have been a few times, it is phenomenal fun. Oh, make sure you have hard shell pads, knee and shin at least.
  10. Stating the obvious here, Tygerberg != Whistler. The run from the top lift back down can be upwards of 30 minutes depending on how you stick it together. We do not have those types of trails to ride here, it can be quite relentless. Added to that a Whistler XC bike is 140 rear, 150 front.
  11. Hyrax will be fine on the valley trails (kill me thrill me, comfortably numb, etc), you'll be okay on A-Line (most of it) and heart of darkness but if you want to ride in deep, clown shoes, top of the world and any of the other nearly 60 trails you will not be enjoying your life that much. If your plan is to ride the park exclusively leave your bike at home and rent a DH bike there and get used to riding flats before you get there. And yes, A-Line is iconic but it's only 1 trail off the bottom lift, there is so, so much more. Also, have fun, it's an iconic place to ride.
  12. Did it last year, it is fantastic! Far and away the best race I've done, also, the tech riding is proper tech, up and down. Don'te expect it to compare to anything you've ridden here.
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