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In-Door Trainer


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I'm looking to purchase a 2nd hand in-door trainer. I cannot take to the road during the week and want some extra saddle time. (I have a road bike)




Any suggestions on Model, price, what to look for?




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I cant say I enjoy indoor training but when I do I prefer to ride a spinning bike. I really like the fact that you can get the flywheel going and build up some momentum. It is much quieter too.


I only have a mountain bike and dont have a spare wheel for a trainer so one would be out of the question for me anyway.


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I've trained on IDT's for years. One of them broke due to a design flaw which has since been sorted out by Rav-X. You get them with and without the tension control that allows you to modulate the tension on your back wheel to simulate hill climbing, spinning, etc, for different workouts- aerobic, strength, power, speed, etc. You can actually do this with your gearing without touching the tension control, but for an extra couple of hundred bucks you may as well get the tension control one. I don't know prices now- I would guess about R1100.00, and your LBS will sell you a good one. I have an expensive model (Volare Elite), and the cheaper Rav-X. I only use the Rav-X and it does the job with no problem. You can also get great workout programmes to help your training- these are important to avoid your training sessions becoming stagnant. Spinning also gives you a great workout, but I have far less experience with them. IDT is tough- you need discipline and something good on TV to distract you. Those programmes also help you get through the hour session.

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I have a Giant indoor trainer and only use it to setup my bike/play.


You ideally need a special Trainer tyre which will not just simply fall apart due to the friction on the roller. That means removing your normal road tyre slapping on the trainer tyre and doing the reverse when you get some road time. Or you could buy a new rear wheel with cassette that can permanetly house the trainer tyre.


The Giant and RavX trainers seem very similar perhaps made by one company and just simply branded.


The tension goodie is cute but not very effective, then again perhaps I need to check the cable tension, I just haven't bothered.


I'm with Dirtbreath on this one, rahter get a Spinning bike. This will prevent you wearing out a tyre, your crank/cassette/chain, etc. Plus there is a better chance you'll use it.


Daxiet2008-12-27 09:27:54

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It all depends on your budget and how seriously you want to train.

Best models are those that gives you wattage - thereby you can train according to power output.

Can probably get a Tacx Flo for about 4500.

The Rolls Royce is a Computrainer for about 20 000
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