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  1. I'm new to latest indoor smart tech and got myself a Tacx Flow S. I have 2 options offered in the box for 1 month free for the Tacx software and same for Zwift. I want to go straight to the better one of the 2. Advice from users greatly appreciated.
  2. Forget Remo's in Umhlanga. For our coffee stop on our Saturday return ride from Ballito to Durban/ La Lucia we pull into Umhlanga Vida e Caffe just off the M4. On a good morning there will be 40 cyclists passing through, if not more.
  3. Material gloves no problem. But how do you clean the leather ones?
  4. What do you do to clean leather gloves?
  5. Tycho, tell more about your trip through Africa. I'm in Nigeria and planning to ride back to Durban at the end of the contract. What route are you taking?
  6. I have a pair of DMT's carbon which were just on the small side. I took out the inners and replaced it with leather ones cut to the same shape and thinner. The difference in thickness of the leather, at least one or two mm's less than the original inner fixed the problem. Also use thin socks.
  7. Tonight I went on my usual night ride around the sugar estate with a mate of mine. Haring down a straight dirt road with one beam on, a West African Black Cobra (I'm in Nigeria) lying flat and still across the road jumps into my vision in the beam of light about 2 metres directly in front of me. I yell. I hop. My mate reckons it's a stick of sugar cane. We turn back- no sticks on the road Boet! That was an effing snake! The moment? The hop. The SNAKE hop! Or was it the moment I saw the snake? Two moments then, within a split second.
  8. Spain, Australia, South Africa, Italy, and France in the top five.
  9. No 10 South China 9 Chile 8 California
  10. Dead Man Down with Colin Farrel, just started, looks good.
  11. We don't use saddle bags because the pros don't. As soon as they start, it'll be the coolest thing to have on your bike.
  12. Shaving to make you ride faster to avoid feeling stupid when a hairy leg overtakes you- how many watts is that worth? Jcza- spot on. My 7.8k bike and extra 4kgs weight gets me downhill faster in an aero tuck, overtaking skinny ones on their 6.8kg bikes. They overtake me going uphill. Where's my aero advantage going up? Can't tuck in, but if I was 4kgs less and my bike weighed a kg less, I would stay with the skinny ones. It all comes down to your identity as a cyclist, it's importance in your life, cycling helping to define you as a person, your commitment to your sport, and to a degree, your self image, your self-stretch to match up to your delusions (at least in my case), your genes, power and fitness, your rivalry with your riding mates- all of this is much more important on your cycling performance than weight and aero- unless you are a pro going for marginal gains for a salary.
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