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way back when

colin parsons

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this should open a few can of worms !!!Clap

i remember riding the argus tour and there was +_ 500 entries.my mom rode behind me just about the entire route in her car.those days you had to clock in a card at the half way mark and your half way time was actualy recorded. game was the drink at water points and the prize giving was on the pavement in camps bay.the winning times those days was almost 40 minutes slower than todays times.must be the equipment !!! speaking of which there was a time when tubbies was the thing !!!! and when hp arrived it was 27+1/4 size.shoes were of perforated leather and a leather sole which you rode for a few days with no cleats on so you could get an imprint of the pedal then it was a hammer and nails to fit the cleats - toe clips mind you - very nice when you fall where you go youre bike goes.

nutrition for racing - bar ones and coke !!!

not to mention the woollen cycling shorts whith real chamois ya!!  after each wash it was like sand paper.Ouch

friction gears (can only be found in museums)not even click gears you had to listen to the sound of the deraileur/chain for the perfect setting.

helmets were there but also just!! a strip helmet was the excuse a few strips of leather and off you go.

my first racing bike had 5 gears - technology !!!!one blade infront !!!     first cycling glasse oakley factory pilots

first bike peugeot sting

first shoes detto petro

toe clip straps - alfredo binda

parts for bikes were - sugino cranks, mafac brakes - centre pull ,rigida rims

reynolds 025 frames my word they mount robots with steel like that today.

the list goes on !!!! 

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