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Interested to hear hubbers opinions on the following:


1) best value for money road bike with ultegra (and equivalent) groupset, that is readily available in SA, i.e. off the shelf?

2) as above but with Dura Ace (and equivalent) spec's?

3) Best places to purchase any of the above...

4) Any bikes which come with significant warranty/ after purchase service etc?


Looking fwd to the feedback...


gravitas2009-01-14 04:59:25
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Phew, Giant / Scott, but I think Scott wins. If you want to keep the bike for longer than 10 years, go Cannondale or anything titanium for the frame. If you live in Cape town go to CWC cycles and get a 3 year old 9 speed Campy bike(still new), should last you a good 150 000 km's

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any bike store will have good deals and not so good deals do a bit of shopping around because there are way too many bike brands to even remember at the moment




however a few i can reccomend you do look at are planet x CKT and Tribal cycles all three of the guys involved are hubbers and will definitely stand by thier products!!!!

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