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Group Set Replacement?


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Big H, I think you hit the nail on the head - I need to go out and by a new one :) The problems experienced is irratiting noises, possibly the bike shop isnt doing such a good service




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Yippeee!!!!! Lekkkkerrrrr!!!!!! Just do not make the greatest mistake of your life and go and buy kempekkernoglia. GO SHIMANO YOUNG MAN!!!!!!

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Just a reminder.


Still got a brand new Dura Ace groupset for sale, Choice of DA crankset, or Truvativ Noir carbon crankset.


R13,000 O.N.C.O.


Will also sweeten the deal by offering a set of Q-rings instead of the DA chainring set. (Have recently fitted a set of Q-rings to my bike - thanks Fatty!!, and they certainly make a difference, especially when looking at my PT data).


Have been so impressed by them, that I'm proud to say that Q-rings no also have a distributor of their product in the Boland... this side of the "Boerewors curtain".
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