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  1. The race was cancelled for everyone's safety and out of their control. Some days you win, some days you don't - let me donate the monies to those that it was destined too.
  2. Where do you find your start time on racetec or cycle tour page?
  3. so even with the 1 year guarantee it still not worth having the back-up?
  4. I am planning to donate some bicycles to kids less fortunate or just in need. I need some advice on what size to get and what can I get for about R1000 each. The kids are a mix of boys and girls ages around 10 to 14 - No idea if they tall/short. Will a 24" MTB be to small for kids aged 10-14 or should be looking at 26" to be safe? Makro has a special on a Raleigh for R899, which has 1 year guarantee. Yes / No?
  5. hmmm been in Dubai for 5 months and I still have not gone to see AD
  6. Actually there is a lot of cyclists in Dubai! Believe it or not, they have built a proper cycle path dedicated to cyclist. Now at about 90km's round trip. As for the prices, they are almost the same as SA. Shops to Visit - The Ride Bike Shop - Mirdif City Centre - soon to be in Shaik Zaid Road Revolution Cycles - Motor City Wolfies mentioned above Probike You could also order from CRC and deliver it to your hotel here and save on the VAT in SA and duties is only about 5% if charged. Delivery from CRC to Dubai is like 3 days.
  7. My mother inlaw has the diesel - it must be a 09 i think and never had a single problem with it.
  8. He should have thought with the head that he uses for his helmet instead!!
  9. Anyone know what the distance of the trail is there?
  10. TAG Carrerra & Citizen Radio Controlled Skyhawk and my daily wear is my Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium.
  11. Yip, I had a visit to Wilgehuewel and 14 stiches later, I have not gone back again but I will go face it again sometime.
  12. Thanks. laded up doing a nice ride at home. Will visit NF tomorrow.
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