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German track training


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Saw the German track cycling team (Nimke, F?rstemann, Muche, Miriam Welte, Jane Gerisch) training at the Virgin Active Tygervalley the past few Sunday mornings (annual Cape Town training camp)...


1) Warm up (stationary bikes /treadmills),  Stretching (5-10 minutes)

2)  3/4 sets of weird jumps: sit on haunches and jump forward as far as you can. The guys cross the aerobic studio in 3 jumps (without stopping)!!! Feet are far apart so it should work glutes +outside quads and is probably aimed at building "explosive" strength.

3) normal squats, 4/5 sets working up to about 180kg (5-8 reps) for the guys and about 90kg for the ladies (well Christine Muche).


By that time I'm usually out of there and I can only assume they train their hamstrings too and I have seen the finish with some general compound upper body exercise (bench presses). I also once saw Ren? Wolff on the leg press machine kicking up the machine with one leg and catch/lower it with the other... this would work like a lunge (i.e. glutes/outside quad), but also more for explosive strength.


Site for some of the riders:






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