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Derailleur Hanger and BB width Questions


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Hi Everyone,


I just bought an old steel DiamondBack complete with an assortment of eight speed XT and XTR. It has been well-used and this shows, as most everything needs to be stripped down and cleaned.


In taking the parts off for cleaning, I noticed the threads in the derailleur hanger are incredibly smooth. It's a non-replaceable derailleur hanger, so has anyone ever experienced this problem and fixed it?


As well, the bottom bracket needs replacing. Currently the bb is a 107mm wide unit. What is the standard width for running a triple chainring crankset?


I am going to bring the frame to BMC in Cape Town to see what expert advice they have to offer. I really would like to ride this frame!


I will try and post some pictures here in the next few days...




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Stripped derailers are reasonably common, but not enough bike shops fix them. It is a 10 x 1mm metric thread and can be fixed with a helicoil. Problem is that that particular thread is uncommon, the most common being a 10 x 1.5mm. The tap is therefore incredibly expensive and bike shops rightfully don't feel that they'll get value from it.


I bit the bullet and bought one and have not yet fixed enough bikes to pay for the tool itself.


There is no standard for triple crank BBs. If the one you took out there works, then get the same one. Otherwise, experiment with some old BBs you get from a dumpster at a bike shop, until you get the right lenght.


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Thanks for the comprehensive reply, Johan.


So, I will ask around at the bicycle shops in Cape Town to see if they have the helicoil. Otherwise, I can mail it to you and pay you to do it?? (or maybe the more economical route would be to convert to single speed...


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