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Shock Oil - 5WT


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Hi All


Hope you ll be able to assist me here. Need to know where i can buy 5wt fork oil in the pta east area or where i can get it at all. Need to service my shocks
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Meam Machine bike shop - Menlyn Motor City. They sell Mototrex fork oil in 2.5 or 5 wt. (I use 2.5)



Biking Accessories in Pretorius str just as you enter coming off N4 on right hand side. They sell BellRay brand
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Thanks a mil, Gave them a call earlier & they said it would be R83.80 for a litre. Dunno if i can get less though cause im not going to use even half that. Ill be using max 160ml but i was starting to stress that i wouldnt be able to find it.

Quick question though.... What is the difference though between 2.5 & 5 wt. I know 2.5 will be lighter but is it good enough for lubrication. Why do they reccomend 5wt if you can actually put 2.5wt in the fork & which is actually better 2.5 or 5wt. Im a dummy when it comes to oils. I usually put in what is recomended from the service manuals
BumpNgrind2009-05-26 05:10:11
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The difference between 2,5wt and 5wt could be absolutely nothing at all. Refer to my post on Shock oil in the Tech Q&A.


Please try to establish the ISO viscosity of the oil you require.


Motorex 5W my be similar to a Fox (torco) 10W etc etc etc.


Which oil and what weight is recommended for your fork? I'll recommend a oilwith similar properties..



Maybe it's time to write a paper on Fork oils and Brake fluids
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Added onto this post i would like it if someone could please help me in the right direction WRT costs

Wanna spary my fork legs white to match my frame as posted earlier & probably will take it to someone to do however if it costs to much I know someone that will spary for me.


What i want to know is +- what will it cost me if i have it done professionaly ( custom worx In particular ).


Would prefer doing it that way as i would like my bike asembled asap without losing too much time off the saddle with it being with people that can only do it when they have time


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