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  1. No 1 cause of warranties...........seat tube cracks starting at the clamp. Problem is designs don't cater for overtightening. Some roadie frames try to use wedge type system. QR seat camp is not good idea. Rather send x20 more and get a dropper post
  2. are we speaking American, Canadian or Australian English? I guess it doesn;t matter as long as you're in the cool club As the all knowing sage of MTB, maybe you can help me pick out the best pyjama shorts' for #enduro?
  3. watch the video and decide. There's maybe something you can learn
  4. just like a Landy its already pissed on the floor
  5. The Aluminium version and that was a few seasons back. Mst cracking seat tubes now is due to overtightened seat clamps and theres a lot of manufacturers scratching their head on this one
  6. whats so special about 510 besides being midlifecrisis cool?
  7. The GMBN guys seems to be more pragmatic and factual than their friends at BR
  8. oh long stem and narrowish bars dear the criminality of it all
  9. had a custom 650B hardtail in 2001/2. Superb bike!
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