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Just bought a Polar F11 and luckily for me i have no idea how the thing works......have done the RTFM (Read The f**ken Manuel) bit and I am still no closer to understanding how the excercise program works. Also "No Software". I see it has a Sonic thingie function, does this mean I need to download the software off the Polar site and get a mic for my PC? Nothing in the manuel about this.ConfusedOuchOuch

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Hi, probably by now you've figured out all your questions, but here it is anyway:


That's right, you need to download the Polar WebLink software from the website, and yes, you'll need a microphone to use SonicLink. This setup will allow you to upload the exercises stored on you F11 to the polarpersonaltrainer.com website to track your progress. You'll need to create a profile there before you use the WebLink software that needs to be set-up indicating username (your e-mail address), HRM model and communication port (SonicLink). Once that's done you can now start WebLink on your PC and, on your F11, go to the File menu and select 'Send'. Get the F11 close to the mic and wait until the data has been transfered. That's it. You'll see your exercise sessions on polarpersonaltrainer.com.  Furthermore, if you're a Discovery Vitality member you can link your Polar profile to it and get points.

I'll come back to you regading exercise programs.
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