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  1. I'm not sure the total immersion technique is designed for tri athlon. I just cant see you being able to swim submerged in the washing machine that tri athlon creates. In a pool with lane dividers fine in rough open water where you have to keep looking up to orienteer yourself I'm not so sure. Personally I think your money would be better spent in getting some lessons in the good old fashioned technique of free style swimming - oh and ask your instructor to whack you in the face every so often so you can get a realistic experience of a tri swim. El Dogius send me your mail addy I have a nice check list of everything that you should pack and have for a tri which i will send through to you
  2. Personally I'm always surprised that people are surprised. A post earlier stated that the dopers should be ostracized from the sport, probably one of the most intelligent statements made here. Note how all the ex dopers are the ones with the biggest mouths getting the TV presenter positions, book deals and interviews. We should not be allowing them into our sport at all, get them off the TV's, who cares what they have to say and don't buys their books - they really should be socially unacceptable and frowned upon, discarded and expelled from cycling. Life time bans should be imposed and jail time awarded as prize money awarded to cheats is akin to stealing in my book which is a criminal offence. At the moment the punishment is just not harsh enough to discourage the use of PEDs. The risk vs reward factor is just to small and many many cyclists are probably making more money out of the doping admissions than they made throughout their entire careers and this is wrong. Dopers should be ostracized to the point where they should not be welcome in anything that has to with with cycling, shame on us for allowing them to continue to make a living from the sport that they so selfishly disrespected. To the fans that followed them and cheered them and celebrated their victories with them these dopers cheated you, they stole from you don't continue to make them rich by allowing them into a sport which we so dearly love. Bottom line here is that the punishment must be so harsh and the risk so great that getting caught will make anyone who has a career in cycling think long and hard before inserting the needle. The governing bodies need to stop pussy footing around these issues and grow some balls and sort out this mess that they have created.
  3. I said about two years ago on this forum that it was time for Phil to retire and got flamed for it. He was already then the Murray Walker of cycling making some really bad mistakes pretty much just like in the Tour of Beijing this year. They retire people in the normal world at 65 for a reason.
  4. Only custom art I have on my bike, in memory of my father who had this as a tattoo.
  5. Got a mail back from them saying it is no longer working because they are busy building a better site. Not sure why they don't just say as much on the current website.But that's just me and my logic maybe I missed something along the way.
  6. I take this guy with a pinch of salt as far as I am concerned his only interest is in selling more books and getting more appearance money for his talks and interviews.
  7. Anyone else having issues? Have been trying to check my seeding for the last few weeks now and the same error. Has this system maybe been discontinued? I sent an e-mail to them but still no response so maybe somebody here knows something. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80004005' [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. /lib/ResultsIndividual.asp, line 38
  8. Speed wobble I think has more to do with the bike than anything else. I have owned a few Raleigh bikes and all have been unstable whilst going downhill, now ride a BH and no such problems. I have also heard that sometimes changing the front fork can cause the bike to become "out of sync" as such and allow it to become prone to wobbling, not sure if this is true or not but maybe something to consider if you have made any such change recently. Only advice I can really dispense is that when the wobble starts grip to top tube with your knees it will help to stop the wobble.
  9. Johnny Koen is the best guy in SA for cycling knows everyone from a mile away. International guy look no further than Matthew Keenan
  10. Traditional IDT is very boring and how people can say that 1 hour on an IDT is equivalent to 2 or 3 hours on the road is beyond me. I have yet to see the scientific facts behind that statement. I think it is more something that your spinning instructor says to make you feel like his class was actually worth something to you. If you want an indoor trainer get a Tacx, you are going to haul out some cash but this trainer will keep you occupied as well as give you accurate stats which you can compare to your road rides.
  11. No issues from Gator Skins and have probably done around 30,000km's on that brand of tyre. What I will tell you is tat when you get your first puncture under normal riding conditions with a Gator Skin that is the time to purchase a new one but you should get in many many km's before that occurs. Oh and you shuold not be falling your ass off either with them, doubt it is a tyre problem,
  12. Saw Matthew Keenan tweeted this morning that the book makes David Millars book look like a bedtime story
  13. Not sure that there is even such a place a Panoramic Heights in Johannesburg. A useful thing i have always found is to google the Address that in most cases gives you a very good clue as to weather the deal is legit or not.
  14. I told my wife the day we got involved in the relationship that I cycle and if she had a problem with it now was the time to move on. In every relationship both partners need their space and cycling is my time. Cycling does take some time so being back from a ride by the time she is getting out of bed and still having the day with the family is a great idea. However when training gets tough sleep becomes important and this is not always possible. Personally I think these situations arise when the ground rules are not set from the start.In order to be fairly successful at this sport you need the commitment of your family members, if you don't have that a difficult sport just became more difficult.
  15. Not believing that everyone in the peleton is on something is like believing that that the WWF is real
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