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MTB starter - how to train


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Im competely new to the MTB scene.  Was a roadie for a number of years, but havnt cycled for the last 7yrs.


Now, i need to get fit and loose a lot of kg's.  How should i start?  Just road at first, or mix of road and offroad, or just offroad?


With the summer coming closer, i should be able to cycle +- 2 times a week after work for approx 1 and 1/2 hrs and weekends maybe more.


I dont have a HRM yet, first wanna see if i can do the cycle thing seriously again.


Any tips on how to start from scratch?


ps i live in Durbanville, and did Majik forest for the 1st time last weekend (up to black pole from the vineyards and down through the forest), had to stop 5 times to catch my breath going up (im seriously unfit) but coming down was such a rush that im now keen to get into this.


Ive read a lot on all the comments / posts on the Hub abt all the events that im psyked to try it out nxt yr.


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The starting is not the problem but rather the discipline you want to do. Whether road,MTB or track riding you will have to make a choice. With Majik Forest close to you mtb might be a choice but then you have all the roads around you that you can ride. Out to the silos or Vissershok and even out to Phillidelphia.

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Onetime, i bought the MTB because its more versatile (still wanna do the argus with it) but the MTB events seems a lot more fun.  So, take it that i want to eg Karoo to Coast or similar nxt yr.


Should my training be more tar or more gravel at first?  Im sure that later on the majority will be done offroad.


Ps. Not sure whether there are gravel to the silos or vissershok, so presume you meant tar..


CJVDM2009-09-26 09:10:56

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