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road saddle on mtb


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I was wondering if you can use a road saddle on a mtb?

Anybody here who does that, let me know what you think?
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yep.  Rode a Fizik Arione on my MTB for quite a while.


I always try to have the same saddle on MTB and Road bike.  The nethers don't take kindly to change.
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Makes sense. I'm quite new to mountain biking. I ride a Scott Aspect and my sadlle is showing to much wear and tear now, so I'm looking in the direction of a Fizik or Selle

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Yeah, you can do it. MTB saddles have different shape for a couple of reasons and if you ride big stuff or quite aggressively you might wanna try a MTB specific saddle, but nothing wrong with a road saddle on a MTB.




Know a couple of guys who do.

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I use a Selle Italia SLR (the 127/135?g one) on my road bike and the

exact same one on my MTB. I'm used to it and it's a fantastic

saddle (for me), so I don't see why I should use an MTB

"specific" saddle.


I have done many 100km+ rides, races, the Epic and

Sabie Experience on it - and usually with less problems

than guys with softer MTB saddles. It's as hard as a rock,

but it means my butt slides over the saddle, rather than

sticking to it causing problems. For multi day races, this is

a massive help.


It was hell to get used to at first, but now I don't feel it at all.


Once your butt is used to a saddle, I don't reckon road or MTB

makes any difference.


The one provision I have is that I don't use the Carbonio version

on the MTB (carbon rails) as this is not recommended by SI. I use

the titanium rail version.


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