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  1. This is just a bragging thread. The Hub has just turned into a bragging forum. If it's not watches or bikes, it's phones and tablets.
  2. When is "decent" not expensive? What makes something "expensive". Is a plastic Xonix watch decent?
  3. Well, he did not have the balls to do anything about it.
  4. Only if you are registered with CSA as an elite can you qualify for prize money and podium position. The rest don't count for squat. Nevermind that it's the rest that pays the prize money for the pros that nobody ever see racing.
  5. That's funny. Does the same go for shoes, suits, houses, cars and bicycles? It just tells me you have more debt then me.
  6. Untill you have to replace chain and cassette.
  7. This guy does not work very big. This is a student during a class. http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/9923/larsvl0.jpg
  8. http://airbrushworkshops.com/images/untouchable.jpg http://airbrushworkshops.com/images/highflight.jpg http://airbrushworkshops.com/images/approachingstorm.jpg http://airbrushworkshops.com/images/FloydAirbrushAction_sm.jpg http://airbrushworkshops.com/images/janesko.jpg http://airbrushworkshops.com/images/vanessadetail.jpg http://airbrushworkshops.com/images/tica.jpg
  9. Don't worry about the stem length, handlebar width or seatpost lenght. Measure the VIRTUAL top tube of you current bike and match the new one as close as possible. Don't worry about the seat tube length or the S, M or L stickers.
  10. The light only flashes once or twice after a while of no activity. If it's not flashing does not mean the battery is flat. Are you still getting readings from it?
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