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New or not so new ??


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I haven't been riding for about 5 years and are looking to buy a new bike to get back into the saddle, so to say. Looking at new or 2nd hand bikes can be so confusing and would appreciate some input from all you veterans.


I'm looking to spend between R5'000 and R7'000. My question is do I buy a new bike in that price range or do I buy a 2nd hand bike that most probably sold 12 months ago for R10'000 ??


I'm currently looking at the following bikes:

- 2009 GT Avalanche 1.0 (2nd hand)

- Raleigh Namib (New)

- Trek 4500 (New)





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2nd hand all the way. Just make sure you know the 'wear and tear' bits to look out for that might end up costing extra, and budget for them. (Or take someone along that can spot them for you.) I'd say go for the GT.

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