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  1. I suspect DSTV will make sure it's blocked here. KODI FTW. These folk all seem to forget that the only way paid streaming services took off like they did is that they were cheap and marginally less hassle than piracy.
  2. Then I'm afraid you'd need a stepladder to get on the spare bike I have. Was worth a try though.
  3. Looks like it's got mounting holes on the bottom, so the K Edge one that Splat posted is probably your best bet. Their mounts are usually modular as well, so if you switch computer brands you'll just need to swap out an insert.
  4. Find a Garmin mount with a gopro fitting on the bottom. What bar / stem combo do you have?
  5. Paging @andretraut - maybe you've got some input here?
  6. That's 100% a consequence of it being a better tyre, not the width... Stock tyres on most new bikes are the cheapest and nastiest things the purchasing manager could find.
  7. droo


    If the bolt is out it's pretty easy really. Find a slightly longer bolt that fits, and a nut and washer. Turn the nut on to the bolt so there's about 10 - 15mm of thread through the nut. Add the washer and thread the exposed bit of bolt into the bottle boss. Now hold the bolt still and tighten the nut onto the boss until the boss is tight again. Remove the bolt. Job done. A bottle boss is a rivnut - basically a threaded rivet. It just needs to be compressed again so it grips the wall of the tube. Or if you have access to a rivnut tool, just use that. But most people don't.
  8. The only thing you might battle to find is chainrings - chains and cassettes are easy to find. And if you replace your chain before 0.5% wear you'll take a very long time to wear your rings (and cassette) out.
  9. Zones look ok if he's using the LTHR model, but it's the 2 hours in zone 3+ at the start of a close to 5 hour ride that did it I reckon... I'd guess tailwind for the first half of the ride so nowhere to hide in the bunch and burned matches holding on. OP - it's not your gearing.
  10. If it's currently 10sp it's an HG driver. I need to know what kind of hub you have so I can tell you if there's a compatible MS driver. 10t at the sharp end for better range, and the Shimano cassette and chain combo shifts infinitely better than SX / NX / Sunrace. Not saying it's the only way to go, but if it's an option it's definitely worth considering.
  11. You'll have to crack 3 then. Not cos you'll look like a poser if you don't, but because there's no ways you're going for a slash in a green rocket wearing one of those.
  12. Should be easy enough, bring it round and we'll have a look.
  13. Frans Conradie to N7, through Thornton, into Pinelands, down Forest Drive to Raapenberg, onto Liesbeeck Parkway and straight through to town from there. 40km odd each way though, hope you're up for a big one if you want any of the Atlantic scenic stuff...
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