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Hi all,


I recently upgraded my front fork/shock to a 2010 Reba Dual air, I use to ride with a Dart 2 which was a spring shock.

My question is, how often does one have to pump/check an air shock.

I pumped mine on Saturday, did a race on Sunday, checked my pressure yesterday, I had lost half the air in the bottom chamber Confused
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Just take this into account:

The bottom chamber is quite small. If you pump it upto say 100 on your pump gauge, then at this point your shock, and pump are both at 100.

When you remove your shock, you will hear air being released, that air is from your pump. So now the shock is at 100, your pump at 0.

If you immediately reconnect your pump, you will now see a reading of say 80* (*depends on the size of the bottom chamber vs your pump). It's less due to the equilzation of the chamber/pump. Disconnect/Reconnect again at it may be 60 etc...

You shouldn't need to pump it for weeks/months, but remember that everytime you connevt your pump, you will have to put some more air in.
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We have Fox's of various types and 2 Reba's with dual air and check them occasionaly and mosty find they may need a small topup like 2 or 3 PSI if that ......

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