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  1. An easy coffee ride early, man the Highveld is not pretty in winter 😒 Then my support team came along for the afternoon's suffer session 😎 Thankfully the weather seems to be changing for the better 😎
  2. I'm sure the 2 of them have by now 🙄
  3. It wasn't me but I notice one must be a CSA member to book and use it so there goes that ðŸ˜Ą I have no intention to race, just want to go during the week and have fun. Is it really that busy say Thursdays around lunchtime?
  4. Bit of tightening up and testing and then ready for a trip to the track next week!
  5. Just decals and assembly ... probably half an hour at most to put it together, gotta love track bikes 😎
  6. I was merely commented on the fact that it was scheduled to be in 207 but ended up on 203 ... say someone had set it to be recorded to watch later what would happen?
  7. DSTV ai ai ai ... instead of programming for XCO on 207 as scheduled I see Darth Vader types with emaciated unlit sabers tapping each other #SMK
  8. Fire and ice this morning, rode this bike since I was rooting for AVV but alas ðŸ˜Ē
  9. A long time since I've had to race the sunset home but well worth it! Lots of work done on the Rietvlei trails, fun fun fun 😃
  10. Just a teaser of the decals since I'm NOT patiently, waiting to get the frame back 🙄 Hopefully get it back by the end of the week ... updates to follow
  11. So on to the 'updated' part ... obviously time for a paint and decal update but also the new colour will show the existing cable stops and those slots for the internal cables 'glaringly' so to speak. The painter will remove the unnecessary bits and close up the holes, including those for the brake calipers on the frame and fork. Since some may remember I had these Gippieme wheels hanging about that I did not want to part with ... turns out the freewheel was trashed and finding another 🙄 Found a track hub, built it into there, again one of my 'Frankenstein' wheel builds 😎 ... had to make some changes to the axle and add spacers as its width was for a track frame but obviously this frame has standard road width.
  12. Quite a few years ago I picked up an alu Pro-Lite Espresso TT frame and CR1 carbon fork cheap and decided to set it up as a track bike I could (and did) use for a fun session now and then at Hector Norris. Started as usual as a collection of bits and just assembled, it was prior to my painting and customising drive ðŸĪŠ
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