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  1. Too true, I have come to the conclusion that anything I'm mounting on my bike 100% infill every time!
  2. Hence my question, I have more than one brake set that has not been bled since the year dot and still work fine. Bearing in mind I only have from the 'other' manufacturer and notwithstanding the fact I clearly don't stress them to that point!
  3. Genuine question @DieselnDust and other techies, other than maybe downhillers, extreme riders and proper XC riders, should any of us average Joe riders concern ourselves with boiling fluids?
  4. After a spin up Comaro in the souf of Jozi I can confirm it works ... like proper not just 'so so'!
  5. Just hold your horses ... I think that finance cadre may just take the wind out of the sales (see what I did there πŸ€ͺ) of any new kit ideas for some with his speech today ... I do hold some small hope it'll not be too catastrophic!
  6. Right so .... on my weekend long ride I got to thinking. How about trying that 'SRAMErgo' 10sp hodge podge, I have a derailleur. I also know someone that would surely have an old 11-3x 10sp cassette hanging around. So I happen to see both my 'dealers' this morning over at my LBS The Workshop in Alberhoughton Grumpy did not disappoint of course, provided an 11-34 10sp cassette straight from the dustbin! Big Wayne from Cape Cycles just casually mentions 'you'll need a hanger extender' ... how these okes know these things. I had one 😎 Anyway to cut a long story shorter, fitted it all and yes it works a bloody treat! I have also swopped that front 53 crank setup with a compact 50 and also a 'cool kid' Pauls Chainkeeper Gone from a 1x8 53x11-32 (Campag 10sp shifter, Shimano 8sp cassette, chain and derailleur) to a 1x10 50x11-34 (Campag 10sp shifter, Shimano 10sp cassette, chain and 10sp SRAM RED derailleur) Should be kinder on my old legs 😎 The workstand and round the block tests have been successful but the real test will be the next few rides! P.S I have already been chastised by Grumpy about that '1m white cable that must double as a lock when I go the corner cafe' πŸ˜’ He did offer an elegant solution using a V-Pipe which I will pursue in the next day or 2
  7. Can't advise much on the gearing issues but just 2 comments .... The right tool for the job (a road bike in a road bike race) and in the first half don't be an idiot, in the second half don't be a wimp! Use it, don't use it as my boet would say to me 😜
  8. It would appear that it's lost on most of the e-bike evangelists commenting that it's not about THEM ........ it's about derestricted bikes and the unfairly influencing of the results of Amish bike races? Or do I have it wrong....
  9. What are they/do they do?
  10. Well done, that's what I aspire to, God willing that is!
  11. β€œThe man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.”
  12. No thank you I'll wait until, at least to my mind, I really need one to be able to continue riding .... but that's just me it would appear 😜
  13. And in my experience if it's NX, best you do that 😜
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