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  1. That age group thing in the 80k irritated me somewhat, they bothered to have correct age groups for the 60 so why not for the 80?
  2. Always thought it was 'Brentjens' ...
  3. 'There is a big difference between solitude and loneliness, loneliness is a negative state, marked by a sense of isolation. One feels that something is missing. ... Solitude is the state of being alone without being lonely. It is a positive and constructive state of engagement with oneself' No I'm not lonely out there 😎
  4. As you say forks and shocks I can understand but bearings as an example, my old man used to tell me 'use whatever grease you have but just make sure they are not dry!'
  5. I know the hub 'engineers' will defend the specific grease for each application but I laughed when I read this ... 'There's nothing special about any "bike" grease. It's just re-packaged overpriced general lube. The lubrication needs of a bicycle are about one step up from a wheelbarrow.'
  6. Most people at least in my experience, are used to the fit and forget groupsets up to about 10speed I guess. No fiddling about, take the bike in for a service now and then. Clean and lube occasionally ... Modern 11/12sp although having many cool benefits has become really 'needy' ... IMHO of course. Special inner cable for this and outer for that, service this every 5 hours, replace that every 50 Heaven forbid you haven't complied exactly to the letter should you have a problem #SMK
  7. A few years ago my now daughter in law didn't finish 94.7, she got to about 70k's ... I cut my medal in half and gave it to her ... there were tears is all I'll say
  8. I'm one of those take it or leave it types, if they hand me one I take it, if there's no medals I'm not fussed either
  9. How does one know what is 'accurate' and which devices are actually correct? Is there a list somewhere perhaps ...
  10. Hence I said 'CamelPack' and not Camelbak 😜
  11. Have the 'CamelPacks' made a comeback now that they look like you're wearing a 'GoPro chest mount'? Even saw one at a local race in Alberhoughton yesterday 🤔
  12. It was supposed to be in 'winter' but had been postponed a few times due to the 'rona ...
  13. Well done! Though as my mates ask me occasionally 'having trouble at home?' 😜
  14. NotSoBigBen


    I thought Tardozzi had a heart attack in the Ducati pit 😮
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