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mtb components wear & tear


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ok so iv started riding my mtb a LOT more now and my road bike is just being left for a weekend ride, but want to know what is the avg life time of mtb components(XT) and tires(Maxxis) if i ride on the road and off road? is the wear on the mtb much more than the road bike? wheelz2009-10-15 10:42:27

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Im sure some one can give average figures,but yes it is more taxing on an mtb..maintanance plays a huge role here,especially when you go offroad.As far as tyres go,it depends on the profile,tread design and compound,u may see the tyre starting to wear "square" with excessive road use.

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Depends where and how you ride as well as how you look after your chain/s.


I have had anything from 500 to 1500km from a chain and 1000 to 5000km from a BB. The casette and chainrings is depedent on chain ware and maintenance.


IMHO there is no comparison to road.
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Xt should only last 1 Trans Baviaans in the rain, thats 230ks of mud and 6ks of wear and tear.

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