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Amashova Prize Giving


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Please can someone explain this to me...


Everyone moans that there are not enough ladies in cycling, but when it comes to a BIG race only the top 10 Elite Ladies are acknowledged at the prize giving, yet in the mens race it is the top 10 Elite and then the top 3 in each age group.


In the U16 boys the prize money was in the 4 figure range, yet in the U16 girls there was nothing.


Where is the motivation for the ladies to excel, why not call up the top 3 in each age group so that they can have their 30 secs of glory and their sponsors can get some mileage from them.


NO acknowledgement = NO sponsorship for the ladies, why should the sponsors want ladies on their teams when they get no mileage from them, as all sponsors want their riders acknowledged.


Well that is my 2c worth on this issue and yes I have a daughter who rode in the U16 girls and came 3rd and is very upset that her and her sponsor didn't get acknowledged.

walker2009-10-19 10:06:08
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