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Cape Town 5-10 Impact shoes


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I called Mountainmail order out in claremont, as they previously stocked the 5.10 range. That call was about 5 months ago, and at the time they told me that needed to swing the current stock of shoes (not 5.10 branded) before they could order in more 5.10s. I asked when, they said about end of 2009. Well, we are almost there. Call them and see if they still have plans to bring in the 5.10s you looking for.


Failing that, CRC is almost your only bet. Unless you have very generous family/friends overseas who can send u a pair.

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Hehe, okay, thanks man.


They still don't have those available on their list.


I'll just keep an eye out for any new CRC group orders.. I just missed out on last week's one :<


Otherwise, advice on others suitable for DH shoes which are available in cpt area would be nice.


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seems some of the DHers use vans/skating shoes. Others just use hiking boots. ?I used to use normal sneakers. Only thing is, some shoes have soles that dont 'bite' on the spikes of the pedals very well. So just cycle thru your 'collection of sneakers till you find a pair that works. For normal riding, any shoe will do to be honest. But when it gets rough and there is a higher risk of your foot bouncing off, the right shoe helps a lot.

5.10s in that regard are absolutely superb.

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