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Shimano Ultegra pedals


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This past weekend I got apair of Shimano's new Ultegra 6620 pedals.



I've been riding  "look" type Exus pedals for 5 years and although there is nothing wrong with them,I thought it was time for a change. My original option were between Ultegras, Time RXS and Speedplay. I decided to go for Ultegra because 1: I've used Shimano pedals pefore and 2: the cleats are the cheapest.


At first glance these thins are bling. The pic does not show it but they are as shiny as the Ultegra cranks. The contact area on this model is also wider then on previous years. The actuall contact plate is now stainless steel and is replacable.


Installation is as easy as can be and I immedatey turned the tension release bolt to the easiest it would go. Installing the cleats was a bit of a drag as the allen bolts, not philips head like look cleats, feels a bit short. There is plentay of movement when setting up the cleat. On the looks I had to cut the wholes bigger and grind away some of the washers so that I could move it far enough away so that the inside of my feet did not catch the crank arms.


On the ride it was obvious where they got the influence from. These are so close to Look pedals it's almost not funny. Stepping in is easy but unclipping need a bit more effort and make a nice solid thump noice.


Overall I like these and see nice long relationship. And seeing that I don't need to carry cleat covers with me anymore, I can use the extra jersey pocket for more food.


This get a nice solid 4 out of 5 thumbs up from me. Thumbs%20UpThumbs%20UpThumbs%20UpThumbs%20Up


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I got a pair from CWC, and find clipping in and out easy enough.  I was looking at getting Dura Ace, but this will just be bling as the price diff between the Dura and Ultregra wont justify the performance differences.


Only thing i dont like is the Shimano cleats break too easily (snapped 2 in a space of 2 weeks)
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