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Advice wanted on shoe selection


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Hi All,


I need some advice please, and am looking to hear from you on your experience with a variety of shoes?


I have been wearing a pair of Nike Pogios (size 42) for the last 3, almost 4 years and needless to say, as a result of a lot of miles and competitive racing, they've probably seen much better days. I am now looking for something to replace them with, but I believe that Nike no longer makes cycling shoes mainstream and they are re-branded as Bontrager? Where does one get Bontrager shoes in JHB to look at?


I've looked at Sidi but feel that they are a bit too much for a student budget. I have a pair of carbon Shimano something or others but they have such a sharp arch in them that I get cramps in my feet after an hour from the position. They are great for the track, but not much else. So, any ideas on a good racing shoe for a competitive racing lady, with a reasonably broad foot, and where does one get suggested shoes?


Can you still get DMT? Haven't seen them anywhere on the net but I've seen a few girls racing with them.


Also, back to Sidi. Are their top end "non carbon soled" shoes any good for a competitive racer? They are more towards my price range but are they any good.


Any comments and personal experience from people with medium widthLOL feet will be welcome.


Many thanks for your help
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