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  1. There is just something about riding a gravel bike that puts the biggest grin on the faces of even the most seasoned cyclists that I have ridden with. I don't know what it is, but they are just SO MUCH FUN! I for one don't argue that it replaces a mountain bike for awful corrugated roads. But horses for courses. There are many, many rides where a gravel bike that is well configured (thinking tyre selection, correct bars etc etc) just can't be beaten for the fun factor. I'm very excited about the Gravel World Series!
  2. We have thoroughly enjoyed the events in Gauteng where you are supplied with a GPX file and set off when you are ready, and get some jelly babies and a naartjie at the waterpoints. Most of the events we have done have been on district or open gravel roads so they are re-useable and great for future training rides. I love riding new routes! I really just want to race criteriums. Those are great for staggered starts, and you can avoid having too many spectators by streaming the event. In general they can be a great solution to many of the problems we have with road races such as extended road closures and the related costs, as well as road safety issues. Track racing is alive and reasonably well in Gauteng and seems to be a good outlet for people desperate to race at the moment. Central Gauteng was even a bit innovative and has spread the Provincial Track Champs over 3 Saturday afternoons instead of condensed in one weekend, to keep the numbers of people at the track a bit lower. SA Omnium champs are coming up on 11 September at Hector Norris Park and looks highly likely to be streamed. This will be great for the sport and also give the sponsors some nice return. Maybe it's time for people to be a bit flexible and try something new if the events that they are used to are not available in the same format they have grown comfortable with. Never know, you might find something you didn't even know you enjoy 🙂
  3. Where you used the words "still exists" - I used to manually import my .fit files onto my Garmin connect profile, from another device and I was always credited with the points. Because I legitimately do the exercise.... But this seems to have stopped working some time in March, and Discovery pleads ignorance at what I am querying. I assume that they can now identify that the .fit file comes from a different brand device? I refuse to buy another Garmin, my experience with all interactions with them has been beyond poor and the devices just don't perform well when compared to what I'm using now anyway. Won't be bullied into using a piece of junk. They can't tell that I actually use a different HR strap and not a Garmin (because, surprise, so many of those have failed that I refused to replace it with a Garmin strap and bought something more reliable that still sends the same data to the Garmin) but they won't allocate the points to bully us into buying their partner device. I haven't trawled through all 629 pages of this thread, but wonder if anyone from Vitality has ever had a read here and cares how frustrated they make people? I really do think that if you "engage" well with their platforms, you can get a lot out of it - and I have really earned an enormous amount of points and spent many miles on things that were huge luxury items for me that I wouldn't have funded entirely from my own cash as I saw them as indulgences. But sometimes they really look like they want to spite people.
  4. I'm not sure you have perspective of who some of the other athletes are, what disciplines they race or what they sacrificed in terms of travelling all over the world with tiny budget to make sure they can gather the points they required. The three track athletes for one, definitely were the athletes who gathered the international points required to qualify these slots. ANd qualification was wholly determined by international ranking and points they have collected. Whilst they might not be medal contenders, they are for sure not there for the holiday and deserve to be there after 4 years of continued focus and sacrifice.
  5. Armour ride https://armour-ride.com/ has an agreement with Chain Wizard Workshop in Sunninghill for fitment in Johannesburg and surrounds: 1 Kikuyu Rd, Sunninghill, Sandton https://chain-wizard-pty-ltd.business.site/
  6. Mekseb Debesay from Eritrea won in 2019. I can't recall if they managed to race last year. It's usually in March and things started going pear shaped around then. Yes, in terms of UCI rules the Continental champions jersey will supersede a national champions jersey.
  7. Bearing in mind he will be wearing the African champ jersey for the year, so even if Ryan wins SA's he won't be racing in the SA jersey internationally.
  8. Chain Wizard workshop in Sunninghill does installation of Armourtek.
  9. Sydd

    Ladies saddle

    I’d recommend ISM. Their saddles are game changers! I started with on on my track bike so I could get comfortable in the pursuit position, and it’s equally well suited for my bunch racing position. And then put one on my road bike (a different style/fit) and it’s also incredibly comfortable. You can’t judge it on the first ride, because it basically cradles the pelvic girdle so you are sitting on a totally different part so there is some soft tissue bruising almost on the first ride. But after that you can literally ride for daaaays without any discomfort. They have a number of different styles and widths, depending on application so you’d need to get some good guidance and a fit before selecting the ones you want. And get someone knowledgeable to do the setup, it must be set up quite differently on the rails to a regular saddle.
  10. For sure. I feel though that since it is such a massively costly event, I've never felt right justifying trying to ask someone else to pay for it for me. But then I've never been great about asking for people's help to pay for things in my racing career, even when I've been going well and racing internationally. I wish it was in my nature to ask for help :-) I have however been privileged to work with some UCI teams at the Epic and some other stage races. I find that very fulfilling. You get to enjoy the vibe without the race pressure to perform (just the pressure to carry out your job without a blip at any moment) . You work like a dog and feel pretty rough most of the time but it's still incredibly fun. If I had the choice between getting to race it once or work there a bunch more times, I would have a real battle choosing...
  11. To your point of 50k per rider. For households like ours where both of us are very keen competitive cyclists, the possibility of my husband and I being able to ever race the epic together is slim. Having the stars align to get a lottery entry, or have cash at hand to drop on the day the entries open plus all of the cumulative expenses of training, servicing equipment, nutrition etc for two people all out of the same household becomes something of a pipe dream unless you are ultra successful.
  12. Sydd

    Friday night Crits

    Yeeeeeesss!!!! This is such an important type of racing and it can benefit all different categories. I agree on the seeding by ability/strength. I don't understand why South Africans are so hesitant to race criteriums. I would definitely support this and would urge as many people as possible to support and get involved as will listen :-) Please don't make it a Saturday afternoon - there is track league at Hector Norris Park on a Saturday from 2pm. Would be so great to encourage people to support both. I know your criteriums won't be sanctioned, but imagine you can encourage the "culture" that was around about 10 years back where people would race the Dome parking lot criterium on a Tuesday afternoon, ride Engen to Engen on Wednesday mornings and then do the Delta Park MTB night race on Wednesday evenings. Being able to do all of it was something of a badge of honour, but at the end of the day actually building your racing capacity (and bike handling) significantly. Well done to you for taking the initiative with this. Will definitely support!
  13. Chain Wizard is based in Sunninghill and offers pick up and delivery services. It's owned and run by a former Pro Tour mechanic, so worksmanship is top notch.
  14. Not sure on this one in particular, but the Compex massage gun is fantastic
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