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Maxxis Folding tyres 70a vs 62a, best Tyre?


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One for the tyre Guru's


Which tyre is better for a tubeless converasion?

Obviously LUST (UST) is best but they cost & weigh much more.


From what I have gathered


62A - rubber is softer, better grip, lighter

70A - rubber has more plastic, harder, better rolling resistance, last longer, less grip than 62A


Crossmark 2.1 Kevlar 70a: average weight 569g
Crossmark 2.1 Kevlar 120tpi 62a eXC: average weight 479g


Monorail 2.1 Kevlar 70a: average weight 559g
Monorail 2.1 Kevlar 120tpi 62A eXC: average weight 502g


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I see you are in the Western Cape - I think your choice is going to be decided by your terrain. I run both tyres - Monorail front and Crossmark back but in the UST LUST versions as up here in the big smoke its dry and rocky where I live and I dont mind the extra weight for the peace of mind it gives me. I tried a brand new Conti Race King the other day and put a hole through the sidewall on my first ride.Cry

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