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  1. Its perfect for use here in South Africa - if you park in a dodgy area you just put it in your backpack and take it with you !!
  2. Thats what I did when my Flash`s old Lefty handed in its notice - very happy with the new alloy Ocho !!!
  3. Damn - same bike as mine I really hope you can find it !!!! How did they steal it?
  4. Well at least you did not end up in the kitty litter in the dark !!!!!
  5. I presume the cause of it all - the taxi driver got off scot free
  6. The time my chain dropped I did 300 for a couple of seconds.
  7. Anything Cannondale related the go to is Dr Lefty. Always ready for a chat and advice. The name says it all !!
  8. If he cannot claim from his Insurance he should make enough from selling the movie rights to buy a new Dale. Only a movie plot can have all these twists and turns.
  9. Do you wear gloves to protect your hands when using the steel wool with pool acid?
  10. nickc


    Would love to join - you making me jelous, my favourite part of the country since doing my army training down there. Unfortuantly work commitments
  11. Wow - you scored there !!!!
  12. I see Bike Mob are advertising a new Shipment of GTs arriving next month - one can pre-order now.
  13. The Magoebaskloof classic still takes place every year in November. Was cancelled last year due to Covid but I am hoping they will have it this year again.
  14. VAN HALEN by VAN HALEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant Album
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