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Bent crank


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About 20kms into the Attekwas on the weekend a large rock stupidly jumped out in front of me and i managed to hit it with the large chain ring on my crank... unfortunately it bent both the middle and large chain ring rather badly.... i cycled the next 40km's in granny untill i found a farm worker at water point 2 with a pair of pliers - so we just used them to bend it back into place this seemed to work fine and i managed to finish the race.

what do u recon - will i have to replace the entire crank or could i just take the bike in and get it straightened properly?
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Just fix it. If it works, it works.

Take the chain off and spin the crank whilst holding something steady almost against the chainring. Mark the high spots. Take a shifting spanner, tighten it around the high spot across the thickness of the ring and bend.

Now remove the large chainring so that you have access to the middle one and repeat. You may have to fiddle with temporary spacers on the chainring bolts if the big and middle one use the same bolts and you only want the middle one fitted and tight.


It will be quite simple, you'll see.


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CaneRat, i will go with JB advise , bent many chainrings and if it works without any problems , great.

Just check when you bend them back you dont get cracks forming on the opposite side of the bend ( usually forms on bad bends on alloy rings )

Besides you will need to replace them on day any how so keep them going till then.
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