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Babas Fun ride 14/02/2010

Help my trap

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Please help it will be my first babas fun ride sjoe on valentines day is it heavy is the sand thick and what about tyre pressure lekker dom vrae maar nou ja gaan 40km tackleBig%20smile
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there is very little heavy sand.  It is an illusion caused by the ascent, it only feels like heavy sand, but you are actually climbing.  Most of the race/ride is hard pack, so tyre pressure can be a bit on the hard side. 


THE atmosphere at the start and finis is good.  TAke your GAzebo, wife and braai for an after ride kuier.
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Help my trap, jy gaan dit geniet. Ek en my verloofde gaan ook daar wees...

In die verlede was daar nogals los sand, maar dit is deesdae KLIPHARDE grondpad - so verwag erge stof! Dit is glad nie tegnies nie! Daar is 'n effense klipperige afdraendetjie, maar dit is so tegnies so wat jy dit gaan kry.

So in kort is dit FLAT AND FAST!

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