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  1. aah, my old friend General Opperman. All money raised will go to the upkeep of the Voortrekker monument and Afrikanerdom in general. I must commend him for his efforts. But for R2.50 less I can support the Tswane metro and cycle at Groenkloof/fountains.
  2. This depends on twothings: What is technical? Technical is a much used term, but what is it? Rocks, lose shale, baby heads, snaking singletrack, fast decents, unclimbable hills? Just because the route is rocky doesn't equate to technical. Most noobies call everything unridable, technical. Technical= technique=skilled bike handling. ie if it is too technical you need to brush up on your skills, (manuals, track stands, cornering, decents, climbing, bunnyhops, ext). A smooth singletrack with a roots section, a dropoff, and some switchbacks can be classified technical. (Groenkloof has some technical sections) What is the purpose of the race. Most technical = Downhill least technical=enduro In between are XC,marathon, ext. Always remember the longer the race the less technical it is going to be. (Unless you go for the quarter and half marathons which are for umh noobies, but then don't brag about placing well). If technique is not your stuff then get fit and ride the crater cruise, transbaviaans and 24 hour lap races. THe exception to this rule of thumb is any race in Sabie where there will always be a rocky decent or four with a washed out rut running across the road big enough to swallow a bike, but then that is Sabie.
  3. Canaris

    why ride

    childhood, challenge, fitness, escape, technical mastery, because it is there? MTB can be non threatening, non competitive and fun.
  4. In PTA: Groenkloof Klapperkop Voortrekker monument Anywhere north of PTA, Roodeplaatdam, Rooival, Bon Accord Dam, OUt towards Britz. (even through Mamelodi, west towards Cullinan and Rayton!)
  5. At last Joburg exposes itself. You guys say that things should be run like a business. Looks like the CGC committee is in agreement with you. All that remains to be voted on is the massive performance bonuses, (for attending all those meetings) and the first class flights to CT to "Liaise" and "benchmark" with the WPPPA and CycleSA (especially about all the licences problems). Happy days, and I can't wait to see the nominations for next years committee......... (oops wait, I can hear it now, there is going to be a motion from a group of concerned cyclists that the present committee should be reappointed without an AGM for at least the next five years, just to ensure continuity during this time of change as CGC transforms itslef into a business entity.)
  6. hate to say it, but the cars look better looked after than the girls.
  7. maybe if it is a 2008/9 frame
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