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Anyone run a Garmin 705 and Powertap


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Anyone run a powertap as a power source for Garmin edge 705?


If not anyone running a garmin edge 705 with any power meters?
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I tend to use the built in battery as the power source for my Edge.


I've had no problems running a PT Elite+ and SL2.4+ with my Edge. I get the same readings as I got from a PT CPU.

The Edge used to give some dodgy (very noisy) speed reading when I used it on the IDT but that was fixed with the 2.9 firmware update.


I've never really used the routing features on my 705 (and when I did, they didn't work very well) so, if my 705 were to disappear today, I'd probably replace it with an Edge 500 or see what the PT Joule is like.


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I want to see how accurate my tacx fortius power readings are when it comes to giving me wattage output. So need to just see if someone has a power meter that will work with my garmin sobthat I can compare the readings and set accordingly.

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