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Which tire to use???


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Hi Guys,


I mainly ride dirt roads and places like groenkloof, suppose it the same as majik down in the WC, but anyway.  I was wondering what tires you used before and what advice you might have between the following:


Hutchinson Pythin 26"x2.1


Maxxis Larsen TT 26"x2.0


I think they are the same value, but not sure, have only checked specs on the internet, but would like some real life advice.


Also, can someone tell me what UST is and why it's important or not important?


Thanks guys, really appreciate it.




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UST= universal system tubeless. A true tubeless tyre manufactured for a UST rim. Would also have thicker/stronger sidewalls for extra protection. Heavier than a non UST tyre.

Have you looked rather at Maxxis combo of a Monorail on the front and a Crossmark on the back - popular combination and IMHO more durable than the Python.
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Thanks Nickc, will try that combo, don't think I'm ready to go tubeless just yet.  Need to get a new wheelset before I do... 


Thanks for the advice... Thumbs%20Up


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