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4 hour+ nutrition


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What energy drink do you use for longer endurance events and multi day stage races like the Sani2c? It seems that the idea of having some protein for longer races is highly debated. Torq (we don't get it here) for instance seem to be one of the leading endurance nutrition companies in Australia, have loads of scientific data and say you only need a drink with protein beyond 8 to 10 hours.

I have tried Perpetuem but after a few hours I am sick of it and I actually feel sick. having spent a few days researching online, reading reviews etc, Gu Electrolyte Brew seems a good bet as it contains a mixture of Maltodextrin carbs and fructose which is exactly what Torq products use ine a 2:1 ratio (not saying they are the only fundis out there) but they certainly are the most detailed when it comes to explaining how to use a drink while racing. Their research shows that combining these two types of carb allow the body to absorb more than the 1gram per kg of body weight that most brands say. They even show different mixtures depending on whether it is hot or cold...and then of course not forgetting gels to top up carbs and perhaps some solid food as a change like baby potatoes, nuts and raisins etc

So what works for you?
Imtb2010-02-11 04:21:20
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