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My new 29er


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Received my new frame today Smile Epic 2010 here I come !


Wheels are finished and will probably end up finishing the bike build

during the course of next week.


I heard of a product called Flexi shield and want to apply it beforehand.


Does anyone have experience with it ?






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You the guy I met on Breedts on Sat? Welcome to the Evolve stable - colour looks good...

Regarding the Flexishield - BBB (FPC has in stock) make something for bikes as do the motorbike shops, but supposedly not neccessary for the Elsworth as there is no paint to chip - have you had any issues on your truth?


Will look out for you in March
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Yes that's Me,


Wow it was hot 43deg at one stage according to my polar.


I have had no problem with my Truth. 5 years old and still great!


The Anodized covering works well but there are still some chafe marks

where the cables touch the frame. I wanted to protect the new frame

from that kind of wear.


Spoke to the Flexishield guy and he is covering the bike. Should collect

on Thursday.


It is a self healing protective layer.. Let's see how good it is.


Enjoy the training !


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