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Continental Gatorskin and Ultra Gatorskin


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Hi guys


I posted a topic with this same question on the RoadBikeReview forums without any luck, so I'm hoping one of you local geniuses will have an answer for me.


I bought a Continental Ultra Gatorskin from my LBS (Bridge Cycles) a few months ago and then yesterday purchased another. When I got home I noticed the one I got yesterday wasn't an Ultra Gatorskin. I can't remember what I paid for the "Ultra" one, so price is not really my concern. I'm more curious as to what the difference is between the two. i.e. whether or not I should go switch it for an "Ultra" Gatorskin or if I got given an old tyre etc.


Any ideas guys?


Continental Ultra Gatorskin:



Continental Gatorskin:





Edit: Oh yeah, I had a look at the Continental Tyres website when I noticed the difference between the two tyres and although that page lists "Gatorskins", the file name of the actual page is "ultra gatorskin". They don't actually seem to list "Ultra Gatorskins". Confused


mikkelz2010-02-14 05:18:48

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I stand to be corrected, but the Ultra Gatorskin is the older model, and as far as I understand its a branding thing more than an actuall change in the tyre.

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You are correct! Thanks for the reply techguy. Smile


I just got a reply from Continental (or one of their re-sellers in the UK)


Thanks for the email! They are the same tyre, they have just

shortened the name as the are mostly referred to as ?Gatorskin?.

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