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Too Much Brake Fluid???


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My question concerns Avid Elixir CRs with taperbore technology.




Seems these brakes were extremely tight and i twiddled the pad contact adjuster to no avail. Seems I figured to myself that there was simply too much fluid in the things and consequently the pistons cannot retract properly in the body of the caliper due to the pressure of too much fluid.




So - Can this happen? If I let a few drops out will it help? I know not to let air in though.

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I presume if the brakes were bled without pushing the calipers in then this would happen, I think this happened to me, or more likely(after thinking about it) the lever was pulled when the wheel was off. Try pushing the pads apart gently.

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Yes it can happen, as Deanbean says, you can just "crack" open the bleed nipple on the lever and push the calipers back then close the bleed nipple again, this should solve the problem. But try pushing the pistons back without opening the bleed nipple first and see if there is a difference.

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