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BMT Stellenbosch


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Before I get bombarded with inane replies to this post claiming I am shamelessly punting BMT, let me admit it. I am.  If you, like many of my friends, have experienced blas? arrogance, and cursory attention to your problems, and you happen to be fortunate enough to live in the Stellenbosch area, then this post is worth a read. After 18 months of ongoing trouble with slipping gears, and very frustrating experiences with three different bike shop personnel, being extremely arrogant in their belief that because the gears performed while riding up a slope in the parking lot, I must be a monkey who imagined that the gears moved up and down of their own accord, I am up and riding again trouble free.  It turned out to be a simple solution, merely shortening a chain that was too long, but no one looked for a solution because given that the gears worked in the smooth tar parking lots, no one accepted I was having a problem off road.  I have no intention of bad mouthing anyone, but rather showing my appreciation, and suggesting anyone similarly dissatisfied, give BMT a go.


That Gilbert at BMT looked to solve a problem, not just get a clean bike out of the door as quickly as possible, made all the difference.  Living in Joburg, it is unfortunately not practical that for me to get my bike serviced with them, but if I ever develop an ongoing issue again, I know where I will be going.



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I take my Zula all the way out to Somerset west to get it serviced at Williams bike shop. There are many good shops but i have found mine and will be sticking with them even though its a long trip. Have also tried other but when you start cycling and the front wheel is loose, you know you never take your bike back there.


Oh the good advice is free form him too.


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