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  1. Havent been on the bike in a while so decided to do the Weekend Warrior in Grabouw with a mate. On arrival the parking marshals sent us to a parking area outside of the country club fence when there was clearly plenty parking space inside. No problem after a quick scout we moved vehicle inside, closer to tent. At registration could sort of see some frustration. The entry fee did not include the CSA day Licence x 2 So for a family of three you need to pull out another R210. Registration could have gone smoother but was told start is delayed by 15 mins. No problem, can unpack, setup and squeeze in a beer. Then the loud speaker was announcing beers for sale and a further delay and beers for sale (Dam pricey beers). After sitting around almost an hour longer than expected we were off, into the hot midday sun. The trail was the usual Grabouw routes where you should never get comfortable. The orange and green stickers worked okay most of the time but plenty of unexpected sharp turns so had to keep head up. The 50km then joined the 10km head on, on single track, I kid you not. Polite parent and kids moved but must have been horrible doing it as there were quite a few riders. The first loop was enjoyable however the "water tables" sucked big time. They had tiny cups for you to drink from and only water\blue energade. Second loop is where it got dangerous. Long stretches next to rail line with just bush either side and very close to a location. After this was a lot of slogging and many of us expecting a water table. Eventually after dried lips, tongue stuck to roof of mouth I arrived at the Office National water table. They had everything and especially welcome in my condition was ice cold coke. They werent even part of the event but volunteering their time. Many riders were saved by this table, the organisers then had a small table later but I dont think I would have made it. Disappointing that we were told there would be a fire to braai but nothing. Then when looking for water to fill back pack could choose between some borehole water or purchase a 250ml bottle for R20. I went with borehole. Day 2 started off with a very nice uphills. But took me 2 hours to do 16km so bailed on the 25km route. I think the route was over technical for a "family" ride. Thanks to all the entrants, all of you made it a fun weekend, hope the organisers do a post mortem and sort out the issues, you could see a lot of effort went into the setup but little things in my opinion made it a mediocre event. 4\10 and that because there were some cool people there and office national saving me from a very dry death.
  2. These situations make my blood boil so now that i have given some thought, here are my questions and suggestion. The usual: where are our cycling representatives ie PPA, CSA and who ever in City Management? Once again they are failing at doing nothing. Lately its seems all the major cycling bodies make money for doing very little. Suggestion: These things take time so start by organising an awareness drive. If possible find one of the cycling bodies to assist (make sure you a paid up member first as that will be the responding query). Park bikes or stand in the cycling lanes at these spots and hand out pamphlets. Make transgressors aware of their mistakes and possible penalties. We need to make alliances with cars and trucks, not enemies. Hand out think bike stickers, free rehydrates, water bottles or any cycling related race pack nonsense that will make them feel part of the awesome clan.
  3. Hi, We are considering driving from Cape town to Sani again. When we take the costs of air fares, costs for bikes on planes, immenent damage by baggage handlers, car hire etc etc it seems that we would be better off driving there and back. Main advantage is that we can have a beer at the top of sani pass. We are doing the trail and can offer a lift for 1 person riding the trail sani2c (bike rack is limiting factor). As of yet this is a feeler and we do not have a value to ask for contribution for the lift but would like to know if anyone is interested. PM me or just reply to this post. Plane tickets are getting scarce so we would like to make a decision by Saturday.
  4. With all the gate closures, what is the correct route to ride? The section along the dam is one direction as I understand it and the home owners get very nasty if you ride on the other side of the dam. If I start at the bottom Gate, how do I cycle to the top of Majik to get to Lombards terra.
  5. Hello and Hi! 1. Should we not start a new thread for the new year? 2. When is the next ride? (Slowish would be good for a few weeks) 3. If just 2 of us ride, is the old route considered safe since the accident as this has always been my worry. Its such a beautiful ride.
  6. Couldnt see the bikes but the wheels at the back looked like 29 thru axel hubs. I will gladly delete this thread as soon as we get more info but as you say, time to be PC is over.
  7. I am under the belief that all our stolen bikes are going to someone who is hiding in plain sight (and probably on thehub). This morning I saw a trailer full of bicycles, could not identify any but they didnt look carefully packed. Green Trailer Number plate CL 71968. Is there anyway to find out who this person is and what the story is behind so many bikes?
  8. The weak link Excuse the pun is the links. But I am not going to fork out that much money to test the system. I was thinking that its different so there is a chance they wont know what to do.
  9. What an amazing ending, went for a ride on my bike today and it was the seetwest ride ever. I recieved a phone call to say that our bikes had been stolen, Morewood Zula, Morewood shova and a mride HT. At first I was in denial as how could they get through 5 locks and no one heard them. Any way a few minutes later another call cam through to say the bikes were at the Stellenbosch police station. The pricks had made some noise, which made one of the flat residents phone the police, ADT had just passed some guys and when he herd it on the radio he knew to shoot back and catch them. lots of different stories but the bikes landed at the police station and with very little hassle they were collected and taken to a more secure location. The Stellenbosch police station have a dedicated room FULL of bikes. If you have lost a bike then please go have a look.
  10. I know it wont stop the mutha fudgers but what decent "bicycle" lock can I look at getting. So far I can get these from the dirtopia trail center: http://www.abus.com/eng/Mobile-Security/Bike-Safety-and-Security/Locks/Folding-locks The normal bicycle locks were cut through in little time but they struggled with my KNOG cable. I do have the generic chain from hardware shop and lock but bolt cutters are designed to slice through these.
  11. Here are some videos http://www.notubes.com/help/index.aspx look at MTB tire install.
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